Monday, June 13, 2016

Another - I Am Currently - Post

Making: the most of two week break before summer school.
Cooking: hahaha! riiiiight....
Drinking: spring water from Mt. Rainier.
Reading: None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen.
Wanting: to be graduated already!
Looking: into who I should vote for.  Scared for America right now.
Playing: Beyonce.  Feeling nostalgic for high school days.
Wasting: tears on less-than-excellent grades.
Sewing: .....again....hahaha.
Wishing: I could fast forward time.
Enjoying: Disney movies, the Brady Bunch, and the season finale of Downton Abbey.
Waiting: for the next time I get to see my family.
Liking: belgian waffles cooked by my true love.
Wondering: who invented bureaucracy.
Loving: that feeling of having a shred of happiness while school is out.
Hoping: that I can figure out this whole "adulting" thing soon.
Marvelling: at the strange weather in Washington.  Seems like summer has passed already?
Needing: more time than just a week before school starts.  *crying*
Smelling: Pacifica vanilla perfume.  Just happens to be one of my signature scents now.
Wearing: professional navy suit with pinstripe button-up shirt and low heels.
Following: blogs about waste-free living.  Very inspiring!
Noticing: that positive thoughts bring a positive life.
Knowing: that I cannot in good conscience vote for either Trump or Hillary. 
Thinking: of doing yoga every day.  Might help with a lot of things.
Bookmarking: websites containing deep LDS doctrine.  
Opening: my mind to new ways of thinking, and realizing that I am quite often wrong.
Giggling: at my cat, Nabi/Nabee.  He is just too funny sometimes.
Feeling: like Brandon is the best thing that has ever happened to me.


~ Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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