Friday, September 4, 2015

Running Out of Summer

You guys.... I have been enjoying my summer so much.  It doesn't even feel real! I took some pictures of some beautiful walks I went on.  (Never mind the fact that just yesterday I went on a walk around the park near my house only to be scared out of my skin by a group of teenage boys hiding behind the bushes and trees in the most remote part of the park .... probably smoking or some other mischief like that.... not that they were trying to scare me, but I nearly did have a heart attack when I spotted them.) As you might see from the picture above, I discovered new sculptures in the city that I work.  I have breathed in perfect, fresh air as my skin drank in the perfect temperature of the summer sun.  The end of this month marks the beginning of fall quarter, and I can't help but wish that it wasn't so.

One great thing I got to enjoy just a couple weeks ago was my sister, Kaelyn, visting me with her husband, Ashley, and their two cute kiddos!  We had so much fun together!  We got Seattle City Passes, which I highly recommend to anyone.  The pass allowed us to go to the Woodland Park Zoo, the Seattle Aquarium, the Space Needle, and the Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour.  It was really a lot to pack in!  We also went to Lake Quinault for a picnic and Ocean Shores to walk around and play in the ocean.  The best part about all this was how perfect the weather was.  I also really enjoyed looking for jellyfish along the beach.  To be honest I have never seen one before and never touched one, so that was a cool first experience for me, as well as Kaelyn's kids!  I really wish I took more pictures, but at least I captured how cute Kaelyn's kids are. ^_^ Ignore how creepy I look in the picture, cause it just wasn't the most flattering angle.

Unfortunately, Kaelyn and Ash had to leave Washington before we had a chance to go to either the Pacific Science Center or the Chihuly Glass Museum using the city passes.  However, Brandon and I did end up going to the Glass Museum together.  It was really quite spectacular, if you are an art lover.  I have to say once again, getting the city passes was awesome!  Going to the glass museum alone pays for the city pass in full! (By the way this is not a sponsored post or anything, I just REALLY think the city passes are cool!)

This was the coolest picture I took from inside the glass museum.   Since it is located right at the foot of the space needle, you get this really original view of the coolest blossom sculpture with the space needle in the background.  Chihuly is seriously an artistic genius!

Another great thing that happened just last weekend was my birthday!  I am officially 27 years old.  Whoo!  Can't believe it.  My birthday happened to fall on the weekend, which was really nice.  Brandon woke me up early in the morning on Saturday and surprised me, saying that we were going to go to Portland (my favorite!) and stay overnight.  Well, the first stop we took was Sauvie Island.  This is such a cute little Island that is right between Washington and Oregon, which is just filled with farms.... ALL KINDS of farms.  They had lavender farms, veggie farms, and even Christmas tree farms!  Brandon took me to a berry farm.  This farm also sold vegetables and flowers, and the setup was so cute!   It was seriously one of the most romantic places we have been together.  We ended up picking plump Chester Blackberries and Golden Raspberries.  I cannot even tell you how divine the golden raspberries were.  They are nothing like how they are when you buy them from the grocery store.  I was beyond impressed!

When we got to Portland, we ate at this Korean fusion food cart, called Koi Fusion.  Brandon ordered the rice bowl and I ordered something similar to a Philly cheese steak with Korean meat on it.  Oh my word it was yummy.  My heart will always belong to the Korean Twist food cart, but this one was pretty darn delicious too, although a bit more unhealthy.  Brandon also took me to the mall with an ice skating rink inside it (although we didn't end up ice skating... we mainly just window shopped and got really bad bubble tea at their food court.), and we also walked around the city a bit and took pictures of each other posing with animal statues.  We went to the Saturday market, which is always enjoyable.  We also went to Whole Foods and ate salads that we customized ourselves, drank guava tea, and split a long baguette.  Afterwards, we had wheatgrass shots at Green Leaf Juicing Company. When we got to our hotel, as luck had it we were upgraded to a Suite on the top floor, which was a pretty nice birthday present for me!  I am sure I am missing tons of details, but I really had such a great birthday thanks to Brandon planning all this nice stuff for me.

On another subject, I wanted to share with you my favorite dessert lately.  It is homemade banana ice cream.  As you can see from the picture, it really looks like ice cream.  And how you make it is so simple.  First, you freeze three bananas, broken into 1-2 inch pieces.  They should be frozen overnight, ideally.  Then you either add them to a food processor or a very strong blender (I use my Vitamix!)  Then you add a splash of almond milk (About 4-8 Tablespoons - just an estimate, not really accurate, it just depends on how frozen your bananas are.  Sometimes you might not even need almond milk, but this has not been the case for me), and a few drops of vanilla extract, or you can add fresh berries and then blend it until it becomes this lovely ice cream texture.  Actually you can add any flavor you want to it! I have added cinnamon, matcha (I like red tea matcha, but green matcha works well too!), cacao powder, melons, or berries, and all of these have turned out to be incredible!  When it is done being blended, you can eat it as is, or add toppings on it, such as coconut flakes, mini chocolate chips, chopped almonds, or small fruit pieces.  Hopefully what I am saying makes sense, but the bottom line is, you can really do anything with it so long as you have a base of frozen bananas.

As for Nabee the cat (you knew this was coming) he is doing well.  He is still his same stuck-up old self.  So cute and yet so particular, that one!  Whenever he gets hot, he just lies down on the middle of the floor, flat as a pancake!  And these days he just LOVES sitting on the windowsill and staring out at insects and birds, and people walking by.  Every night, he loves to come into our room, and lie down on Brandon's chest, digging his claws in a kneading fashion into Brandon's skin, making him cringe in pain.  Haha!  It's funny because that is how he shows his affection, the kneading claws.  That's Nabee for you!

I don't know why, but this particular picture of Nabee makes me laugh out loud.  This is basically how he looks every time I disturb his solitude.  He is just like, "Leave me alone.  I don't care about you petting me right now!!!"  Haha!!!!!   Ok enough enough enough.......

Hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are!  I am sure you will hear from me soon. xoxox

~ Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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