Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

It has been a super busy past few months.  I know I seem to say that a lot but it really has been true.  I officially got my Associates degree and look forward to starting my Accounting program at UW on Monday. YAY!  Some good news is that I got a couple of scholarships!!! Brandon and I have had a wonderful time during the holidays and I just wanted to write about a little bit of it.

Firstly, I had my two youngest sisters, Kristen and Rachel, come and visit us for Thanksgiving.  It was so amazing and I wish I could have those two around all the time.  We didn't get to do anything outdoorsy because it was too rainy while they were here, but we did lots of shopping.

The week before Christmas, we went to Portland just for fun.  We didn't eat at the food carts for once, but instead ate at Chipotle (Brandon's absolute favorite place these days) and went to the famous Saturday Market.  At the market, we ate organic empanadas and we also went shopping and I bought two of my DREAM dresses from H&M.  I am sure I will feature those in pictures soon.

For Christmas, I was super spoiled.  I got lots of new makeup from Lancome, jewelry, chocolates, clothes, new Nikes, a FitBit Zip, and on top of that did some shopping with Brandon.  I also got Downton Abbey on BluRay which is kind of a huge deal! lol.  In fact I received so many great gifts that were not even mentioned at all. I got Brandon some unique kitchen gadgets (A fish-shaped Taiyaki pan, and some fun Bento box stuff) and some new Nikes and we also went shopping for some other stuff he has been wanting.

Our new running shoes.  Don't they look cute?  Makes me more motivated to actually use them.

Just for fun, here are a couple of pictures of Nabi on our mantle while I was decorating it.  Since then, I added a couple of gorgeous nutcrackers and tiny cypress trees next to the mini Christmas tree.  Hard to explain, but, it looked awesome.

He loves to sniff around whenever something new is in our house.

And he also has to look at everything disapprovingly... lol.

One of my best friends, DeeDee, stayed over at our house the other day.  I had her all to myself the whole day. We went to the mall and also went on a wintry walk.  It was really nice to catch up with her. :-)

For New Years Eve we were so tired that we didn't do anything.  We just went to bed.  But today we had a blast and went out with Brandon's mom and grandma and went grocery and clothes shopping.  We love going to Asian stores together!  I know that might sound funny but it is one of my favorite things ever.  It is so relaxing for me to walk around at grocery stores. We also went out to lunch at a Korean restaurant and to a few Korean bakeries and picked up Korean pastries that would make anyone swoon.  Let's just say Brandon and I definitely overate today....

My mom was kind enough to send me a sourdough bread start from Czechoslovakia (this start dates all the way back to 1912!) for Christmas. We named the first jar of start "Yeastov" and the second jar "Yeastel" haha.  Yeastov already overflowed because I neglected to check on him for several hours.  Just now, I baked my first loaf of bread. It tasted pretty epic but I accidentally cooked it too long and it got a little bit overly crispy.  Oh well.  Lesson learned!!!  Next time it will be perfect.

Hopefully this coming year I will be better about blogging.  I hate neglecting it for so long and then just popping back in like nothing happened.  Like, do I even have any followers any more? haha.  Oh well.  Sorry for the prolonged silence.  I think I just need to set a goal to blog once a month.  12 times in one year is not too much to ask, right?  ^___^

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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