Monday, January 20, 2014

Well-Being Favorites

Hello everyone.  I feel guilty because I have a bunch of pictures I haven't even uploaded from my camera from Christmas.  And now no one cares about that anymore > < !!!
Well, regardless of who cares or not I will post that...later.
In the meantime, I have had health, well-being, and fitness on my mind lately.  Here are some websites I recommend for all of these things:


Undressed Skeleton - An inspirational blog about health and fitness.  She has lots of recipes and a life story that will surely touch you.  

The Fit Miss - My favorite tumblr blog when it comes to fitness inspiration.  Just see how long you scroll on this blog.

The Skinny Confidential - Visit her fitness and recipes tabs!  They are worth looking at and I am obsessed with many of the same things that she presents (Kimchi, Body Brushing, Kombucha, Chia Seeds, etc.)

Fitness Barbie - I haven't visited this site for a while but I really am inspired by this girl's motivation and hard work to get the body she always wanted.

Beautiful Pictures ofHealthy Food - I might have mentioned this before, but it makes me want to eat only good healthy things.

Annie Jaffrey - Definitely one of my top ten favorite blogs, though not always health-related.  She is beautiful both inside and out.

SkinnyMiss - Although I do not see eye to eye with everything (nutritionally speaking) on this site it does have a lot of great workout ideas.

Back On Pointe - Being a former dancer, I just love this website.  Takes me back to my high school days.

Sophspiration - A website about body positivity.  This is one of the few feminist blogs that I enjoy reading without feeling an agenda like women are better than men.

Noise Generator - For meditation, for focus, for any other issues, this noise generator can aid in helping you feel better.  Try it out for yourself!

Rainy Mood - A favorite website that I regularly have up while I do homework or meditate.

Happy and Healthy Downtownn - A lovely blog about health that I just discovered.  Makes me excited to live a healthy lifestyle, which is just the kind of blog I need in my life.

Love Your Bod - A cute friend from church has this Instagram that is all about her fitness.  She is so beautiful and an inspiration to me.


Annie Jaffrey's Health and Beauty Channel - More of Annie Jaffrey!  In Youtube format.  FYI, everything she puts on her Youtube channel is also on her blog.

Nature Videos for Meditation - I like to watch these 1080p high definition videos for meditation.

Blogilates - My #1 favorite workout channel on Youtube.  

Fully Raw Kristina - While I could never even dream of eating fully raw, I do find inspiration from this wild child on youtube.  She is so positive and passionate about health.

Joanna Soh - A channel that Brandon found for me.... all about fitness and health.

Life Regenerator - This guy makes me laugh and shares his heartfelt wisdom.  He is a bit eccentric, but very enjoyable.

On top of following inspirational blogs, I started a secret Pinterest board for fitness inspiration.  My reason for keeping it secret is because I don't feel comfortable sharing my body goals on Pinterest.  Perhaps I feel that people might call me out if I am not reaching those goals?  I dunno.  Maybe that will change in the future.  Brandon is at the moment very motivated when it comes to health and fitness, and is a great example to me.  At the moment I am aware of the difference between true health and just getting by.  For now, all I have seemed to muster is working out once a week and getting enough sleep.   Reading positive blogs help me to stay motivated so I can bring myself to do so much more. :-)  Does anyone else have any wellness-related websites that are their absolute favorites?  I would love to add to my list.

Ashleigh Son