Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Favorite Dress + Birthday!

Hello to everyone!  I have kind of a hybrid post today.  Firstly, I just wanted to show you something cute that Brandon and I picked up while shopping yesterday.  I got a new dress that is so perfect and well-fitting and exactly what I was looking for at H&M.  Right when I saw it I knew I had to have it!

This dress has a pretty rose and dot design.  I paired it with a cameo necklace, 4 mm pearl earrings, my sapphire and diamond ring, some stocking/socks and my favorite pair of Mary-Janes.

A close-up of my cameo necklace.  It has a little pearl and a small diamond as an embellishment.

Also, while I am at it, I wanted to show you guys some ADORABLE new earrings I got from this Etsy shop, I'm Your Present.  Click HERE to see her little shop, it is so quirky and adorable.  I have already bought three pairs of Sweetheart earrings from her.  The package came wrapped nicely and with a couple little bonus gifts - a piece of candy to snack on, some baby ice cream cone earrings, a kitty stamp, and a handwritten thank you note.  Very classy indeed.  By the way, I was not asked by this girl to endorse her store at all, I just really fell in love with it after seeing so many of her pieces on tumblr!  I couldn't resist letting my readers in on this little best-kept secret gem.

Aren't these Sweetheart earrings #1?

And now, for the most important part of my post, Friday was Brandon's birthday.  It also happens to be Memorial Day weekend, which is so nice because we have used this opportunity to celebrate his birthday for the entire long weekend.  

Brandon's mom got this wonderful cake from the Korean bakery.  This is the same cake we ate for our wedding cake.  It is absolutely delicious.  Even the icing is more like a whipped topping which is so yummy and not overly sugary.  

In addition to the cake, we had a nice little intimate family dinner consisting of authentic Mexican tortilla chips (fresh and hot of the grill..... erm.... press?) and delicious bean dip and spicy salsa.  We also ate Sashimi, seared tuna, and LOTS of ice cream.  

We also watched the X-Men prequel, which is REALLY GOOD.  We rarely watch movies so it was really fun to just kick back and relax and watch that together.  Then, yesterday we went shopping at the mall (where I ended up getting that adorable new dress) and also picked up a few new nice things for Brandon to wear from H&M and J.Crew. 

As for gifts, Brandon's big gift this year is a barbecue grill (which we haven't picked up yet ><) But it is a nice Weber good quality one that we chose carefully.  I also got him a bunch of grilling accessories, and utensils, gloves, and a manly apron that says "King of the Grill."  I will have to show you pictures once we have our first barbecue with it all!  I got a couple other gifts, like a BPA free water bottle and his favorite car freshener and a Blender Bottle (Brandon is super into fitness these days).

I feel so much love for Brandon and am so grateful that he is my husband.  He is the kindest, most understanding person and really makes me so happy.  Happy 29th Sweetie!

Me and my sweet love!


~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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