Saturday, February 1, 2014

Missing the Holidays Already

Hey guys.... I have FINALLY decided to post all my Christmas vacation pictures.  Brandon and I went to Las Vegas and Utah.  It was quite a blast.  I took tons of pictures (but I am only posting a few of my favorites).  Also, at the end of this post I will share some more of my healthy eating inspiration pictures!  Enjoy!

PART 1:  Before we left for our little vacation we couldn't wait till Christmas.....

Here are a couple of gifts I got Brandon for Christmas. We opened a few gifts early because we kinda were excited and couldn't wait.  Yerba Mate Latte giant pack of tea, Capra Mineral Whey, Quest Bar variety pack, and some Sweet and Spicy Perky Turkey Jerky.

Brandon got me this delicious pack of Eel Pretz, a Ritter Sport Strawberry Bar, and Pomegranate Vanilla Red Tea.

Brandon got me the running shoes of my dreams, these Nike Lunarglide 4's.  He has matching ones by the way. HA! 

Another angle of my new shoes.  I got him some Nikes as well, but they didn't ship until later, unfortunately. >__< I also didn't take a picture of the ones I got him. But basically they are Lunarglides as well, but where you see gray on my shoes, his has dark blue. :-)

PART 2: Vegas!!  We stayed at Silverton Hotel and Casino.  We couldn't resist being unconventional and visiting Sunset Park instead of spending all our time at the casinos.

Duck pond at Sunset Park.... we noticed a ferris wheel in the distance.  This park is HUGE.  Next time you are in Vegas, I highly recommend you look it up.  It is fairly close to the strip, so it is not like you have to go out of your way to get there.

The ducks were really cute.  I think if I had children I would love to take them here to feed the ducks.

Since we were so curious about the ferris wheel, we drove over there to see since when did Sunset Park have a Ferris Wheel.  Turns out they were having a winter fair that hardly anyone knew about!  We wanted to ride the ferris wheel, but it was kinda cold outside, and plus I had pulled a muscle in my knee and could not walk very easily.  Unfortunately that cut our visit to the park pretty short. 

(WHICH BRINGS ME TO A LONG STORY)  Ok I will tell you the short version of the long story.  I decided it would be smart to run around the block every hour at work, but injured my knee because I pushed myself too hard.  That was the day before vacation.  So it kinda sucked the whole time we were in Vegas because I could hardly go anywhere without crying out in pain from my stupid injury.

There were tons of little rides and activities and booths to check out.  I was sad that my knee was so sore.  We would have stayed longer.

They even had a little ice rink set up at the park!  Mostly little kids were skating, but I would have loved to as well.

And someone carved this awesome Santa ice sculpture.

Of course, it wouldn't be a typical Vegas trip without going to the strip and taking pictures of all the fancy hotels and casinos.  We visited Brandon's adorable grandma and she took us out to sushi, but I didn't think to whip out the camera during that moment.

I was fond of this little path on our hotel grounds that was on the way to the gym.  

PART 3: Visiting Family in Utah!

#1, look at all those presents and that pretty tree!  #2, my dad is awesome with his Santa hat.

My little brother.  He is hilarious.  I love this boy!  Brandon had a blast playing video games with him while I was being a bookworm.

Lollie and Mom!  It was Lollie's first Christmas living in the USA, and I was so glad I could be there for that.  I wish I could be around these two all the time.  It was so fun looking at pictures Lollie had of me and my siblings that we didn't even know existed.  Some of them made me laugh so hard I was rolling on the floor with tears streaming down my face and I could hardly breath.

My beautiful sister Kaelyn.  I tried to get a picture of her husband and little Elsie as well, but they were moving around so much that it came out blurry.  Sadly, I also didn't get a picture of Krissy at all during the trip.  UGH!!

Rachel, aka Little Me.  I had so much fun going to the awesome Provo Recreation Center and working out and playing basketball with her.

As usual, my mom had a beautiful setup for the bed we were sleeping in.  That pillow is hand painted by Granmom.  She's the most artistic person I know.

Out of the whole vacation, leaving my family in Utah was the hardest part.  It feels good to go home, but at the same time I miss my family when I leave them.  

PART 4:  Coming back home....

We had our home Christmas celebration with Brandon's parents with this tiny Christmas tree in the living room. :-)  Isn't the wrapping paper beautiful?  I blame Brandon's mom for that.

To my embarrassment, most of the presents under the tree were for me.  Brandon and I had only wrapped one gift for each person and my gifts to Brandon were all in one giant Bath and Body Works bag.  Brandon had his mom wrap every individual thing for me.  I LOVED everything that Brandon and his family got for me.

Here are some of Brandon's gifts.  Unfortunately a lot of the gifts I had ordered for him hadn't shipped yet.  That is what I get for Christmas shopping online in December. (I mean...ahem...I procrastinated and waited last minute.  Note to self: NEVER AGAIN!!)

Here is a closeup of this pretty necklace Brandon got me.

Annnd this awesome kitten necklace.

And all these lovely oils to burn from The Body Shop.  Man, Brandon wins an award for being the most thoughtful out of the two of us.

He also got me these fashionable black tights.  I am in love.

He also got me more of those delightful Ritter bars and Just Dance 2014.  I was THRILLED.

PART 5:  As are a few healthy meals I have been enjoying.

While we were in Vegas it was tempting to just eat junk food and fatty foods, but Brandon and I went to Whole Foods for dinner instead and hit the Salad Bar.  We also drank green juice and Mama Chia, for more health benefits.  I had never felt so healthy on vacation before.

When it is cold outside it is easy to get sick and for the immune system to go down.  To prevent sickness, I like to make up a glass of Emergen-C...this flavor is Raspberry Lemonade, I believe.  I also prepare a meal that is filling but definitely healthy.  This is Ezekiel toast with cottage cheese, sliced spinach, sliced boiled egg, and dill weed on top.  A banana on the side is good for potassium.

This is a simple favorite snack.  Salad made of spinach, diced apples, almonds, and julienned carrot with Italian Dressing from Bolthouse Farms.  On the side is tangerine slices in water and a different glass with Pomegranate Red Tea.

Hope you enjoyed my belated post.  I just couldn't forgive myself if I never posted all those pictures. :-) xoxox 

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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