Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Today I watched the BBC movie "Enid," on youtube.  Naturally, the video quality was a little bit grainy, but I took some screenshots to show you guys how CUTE the clothes were.  It was the perfect amount of vintage flair but simple enough that it wasn't overdoing it.  As for the movie itself, it is the life story of my favorite children's author, Enid Blyton.  I had no idea her life was so sad.


Her dad left her when she was young, and she had a very strained relationship with her mother.  She soon had nothing to do with the rest of her family and instead pursued her dreams of being a writer.  She didn't seem to know much about her own two daughters despite being the queen of children's literature.  Saddest of all was her lovely marriage that turned sour from the war and infidelity, and although she did end up with someone that really loved her after that, she could not be honest with him and also lost a child due to carelessness.  Lastly, she suffered from dementia.


I don't know how much of the movie was dramatized or fictionalized, but it did seem like a realistic story to me.

ALRIGHT, so now on to the pictures.  I was all over the clothes of all the girls and women of this film.  Did I mention that Helena Bonham Carter played Enid?  She is absolutely brilliant and one of my favorite actresses. By the way, sorry the picture quality is not the best.  I can only ask so much from youtube.

 I want to make a dress like this red one.  

 I love sunshine yellow, especially this particular shade.

 A cardigan with a pretty dress is my favorite combo.

 And how about that ruffly dress on the right. *sigh* Perfect!

 This was a really sad scene but the dresses looked cute.  I like the contrasting buttons and details.

 This little girl was adorable.  So was the pink dress and yellow cardigan.  It reminds me of lemonade.

 This polka-dot dress is whimsical and interesting, just like Enid.


 She wore several floral shirts in the movie.  One time with a pearl necklace, and it was awesome.

The collar on this dress is interesting and the fabric is gorgeous.

Alright, sorry to cut it short, but I have to go to bed now. Talk to you later. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Small Photodump

You know how I promised to put up pictures of Mt. Rainier the other day and then forgot?  Bad Ashleigh.  Ha.  So I just decided to upload a bunch of photos I have missed.

BUT FIRST..... I have to gush about my date this past weekend with Brandon.  It was so much fun.  We went to the mall arcade and played this "Initial D" driving game and I surprisingly got so hooked on it.  I kept asking Brandon for more quarters to put in the machine so I could keep playing.  Then Brandon attempted to (unsuccessfully) get a giant stuffed Despicable Me 2 creature.  Haha.  It was one of those claw machines, only GIANT.  Unfortunately I think the stuffed animals are all too big and heavy for that huge claw.  Later, we saw Despicable Me 2 and laughed so hard.  It was incredibly cute, just like the first one.  While we were at the theater I overdosed on Pizzalicious Pringles (I could have sworn they were not that salty when I was a kid) and also had too many Mike&Ike candies. My tongue felt disgusting with my taste buds burning from too much unhealthy seasonings and sugars.  Sometimes doing kid activities are the best kinds of dates, don't you think?

Now.... for my pictures lately....

 This is my first sewing project on my new sewing machine!  The little heart in the middle!  Oh, and yes Lion LOVES Panda.

 I sewed this heart and filled it with rice, so in the winter I can pop it in the microwave and use it as a handwarmer, or in the summer I can pop it in the freezer to cool me off. 

 My new sewing desk.  We got it at Ikea.  The lovely sewing machine is a present from my mom.  I already have my fabric ready to make some pretty new dresses.

 Now, on to the Mt. Rainier pictures... we hiked to see Narada Falls.  It was such an easy hike that even someone who hates the outdoors and walking could do it.

 A top view of the waterfall.

 This was another random waterfall that we have seen before.  Believe me, there are many beautiful waterfalls to check out at Mt. Rainier.

 A seriously gorgeous view of the mountain.  Did I mention the weather was perfect with the most crisp air?

 Here is the hiking path.  There were tons of people, from super old to toddlers hiking this thing.

 Here was the waterfall at the end of our little hike.  SO beautiful.

 On Sunday... we felt like barbecuing and eating salad.  I made the salad.  You can't tell from the picture, but it has romaine lettuce, mixed greens, nectarines, blueberries, plums, kiwis, sprouts, and grapes with this lovely healthy Italian Dressing (Bolthouse Farms!  I love that brand!).  The only thing that would have made it more delicious is red cabbage.  Brandon said it was the nicest salad he has ever had.  What a sweetie!

 Don't worry, we didn't eat all of it in one shot.  Brandon cooked up a bunch of meat for the week.  He is just organized like that.  GOSH he is such a good cook too.  Everything was delicious.
Chicken sausages (probably the only kind of sausage I can bear to eat), hamburgers, and various steak. Also, this rosemary bread is KILLER!  And only has a few ingredients.  I could eat a whole loaf of it to myself in one day, no joke.

Hope you enjoyed my random photos.  It's always fun to post them.  Oh man... I must say, school is creeping up on me faster and faster.  It is almost time and I am not too excited about it.  Well, talk to you soon! xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Light Purple Love!!

 1  **  2  **  3  **  4  **  5  **  6  **  7  **  8  **  9

Hello loyal readers!  I made my first ever wish list collage today.  It was so much fun!  I think deep down I want to be a graphic designer....Hehe.  But that is not gonna happen any time soon.

Lately, I have been crazy about purple.  Light purple, baby purple, lilac, and lavender to be exact.  I compiled a bunch of my favorite products in my collage.  I am afraid some of them are sold out due to being so popular!  Read on for commentary on each item:

1) This dress is so beautiful! I was in love at first sight.  How pretty would that be with a white cardigan and perhaps some lacy lavender socks and dainty low-heeled white pumps? 

2) I have been wishing for a nice satchel for school that is big enough to hold my laptop and is pretty to look at.  This one meets both requirements.

3) Seeing as it is summer time, I can't be lounging around in fluffy fleece footie pajamas any longer.  These imitation silk pj's immediately drew me in because of how feminine and cute they are.  Plus, they are short, but not too skimpy, so I would feel comfortable roaming around the house in front of Brandon's grandma, mom, and David.

4) There are not enough words to explain how much I NEED this color in my nail polish collection.  I think I am going to run to Walgreens today to see if they have it.

5) Do you think Brandon would wear matching silk pj's with me?  No? Awww dang it!!  I think this looks so cute.  Hehe... I bet when Brandon reads this he will be disgusted beyond all reason.  Perhaps another nice and daring young man can buy them instead.

6) Saltwater sandals!!! I hear they are all the rage these days.  I was thrilled to find that Modcloth has a pair in practically every color.

7) The cardigan that started this whole light purple obsession was actually at H&M a couple months ago.  I didn't end up buying it since it was full price, but I really wish I had.  I went back to see if they had it, but they were all sold out.  Thankfully, Old Navy has a similar one with a flattering cut.

8) Amethysts are one of my favorite gems.  They remind me of my friend, DeeDee, since it is her birth stone.  They also remind me of Anne of Green Gables.  Those who are avid fans will know EXACTLY what I am talking about.  I have been secretly wanting a ring or earrings or even a dainty necklace with an amethyst.

9) Yet another Modcloth piece in my collage.  I think I am slightly obsessed and want to own half the dresses they have in stock.  GOODNESS!  I mean, I already have two polka-dot dresses.  But not a purple one yet.

As if that collage was not enough, here are some more purple things to enjoy:

Picture found on
A lavender field in France.  Breathtaking!

picture found on
A beautiful light purple sunset.

picture found on
Lilacs!  They look pretty and smell pretty.

Hope you enjoyed my girly obsession!  I could go on and on and keep posting purple pictures, but  I will stop now. :-) Have a fabulous day.  xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Sons' Weekend

I feel bad for having waited this long to tell you about our perfect weekend.  On Saturday, it was the most perfect temperature outside.  Not to hot, not too cold.  Brandon packed us up a lovely picnic cooler and we headed off to the mountains to hang out for the day.  He packed some fresh cut up watermelon (the nicest I have had in a LONG time), crackers and two kinds of cheese, Zevia Root Beer and Ginger Ale (we are HOOKED on this soda made with stevia), Sweet Potato chips, and popcorn.  Then we went to Subway.  Mind you, I thought I had outgrown my liking for Subway sandwiches, but I was wrong.  We each got footlong sandwiches and packed them with our picnic stuff.  We drove up to Mount Rainier.  On the way, we stopped by the little church we got married at, and bought some of the freshest, most delicious Rainier cherries I have had in...forever, from a little cherry stand nearby.  We continued on up the mountain and stopped at Paradise (a section of Mount Rainier that is very popular for families to walk around).  It was super crowded since it was the weekend.  We ate our food until we were stuffed to the brim.  I swear, food tastes so much better in the fresh mountain air.  Then we took a short hike to a waterfall.  Funny fact: I really wanted to look pretty that day so I wore a dress and white shoes, even though Brandon didn't think it was the best idea.  Let's just say it wasn't the most practical, so next time I am definitely dressing in a more casual manner.  Soon, we headed back down the mountain.  The roads were very scenic and beautiful and it made us a little bit sleepy.  So halfway back down the mountain Brandon pulled over in the shade and we had a nap.  It was the nicest nap ever!  I promise to add a couple of snaps of Mt. Rainier soon so you can see how nice it looked.

In other news.... I received this cute red polka dot dress in the mail yesterday from Forever 21. I took some self-photos on my phone, so you can't really see the whole dress, but I just had to show you at least a sample of how cute it looks.  Oh, and yes, I do wear glasses.  And no, I am not wearing makeup. HA!

 Without glasses....

Annnd...with glasses.

I got a few compliments this morning on my dress as I was walking to the bus stop.  Another bonus? I have perfectly matching nail polish on at the moment.  That was not planned.

Also, I acted on my urge to order a couple Enid Blyton books.  No, they are not all the vintage 1960's printed editions, but as long as the wording is not changed I do not mind.  It was like a flashback to my childhood when I received the first one in the mail.  I read one of the short stories to Brandon and he thought it was really cute.  I definitely want my future children to have Enid Blyton stories in their lives.

Last, but not least, today is a special day: Sarah's birthday!  She is my lovely little sister who is in the MTC right now, and I am super proud of her.  I think she is so great and love her to bits.  I wrote her a snail mail letter with some super cute stationery.  I hope she likes it!

Happy Birthday to beautiful Sarah!!! xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fashion Nostalgia

Today is a day that I am reminded strongly of my childhood.  I ordered some more shoes from Payless and had them shipped to the nearest store to me.  They called me today to let me know they were ready for me to come pick up.  I got there, and discovered that they were having a buy one get one half off sale.  Those kind of sales rarely get to me, but I saw some shoes I would have DIED to have in elementary school.  Soooo... are you ready to see my purchases?

Here is a shot of all three pairs of shoes I bought.  Let me tell you why I love each one.

These babies were all the rage I think it was... first grade?  My cousin Trevlyn and her best friend Jessie had matching ones and I was DYING to have some too.  Alas, my mom thought they were not the most practical.  So I did without, feeling the injustice that any soul had to feel that did not own these particular shoes.  I soon forgot all about them, but years later, in 9th grade, I saw a girl wearing a pair at a dance.  I was once again reminded of the shoe trend I never got to experience.  Promptly, I forgot all about them.  But a few weeks ago, I saw a blogger I admire wearing them and totally caved in and bought them.  YAY!  Brandon's reaction?  "They look like bowling shoes." LOL! He is so right.  Nevertheless....I am in love.

I have been a fan of Mary Jane shoes for as long as I can remember.  These shoes would have gone with any outfit in my childhood.  Especially my church dresses with my ruffly socks. I don't think Brandon likes them (yes, Honey, I can read your mind, however polite you may be).  They are really shiny.  The part that is not my favorite is the fact that the heel is really chunky.  I must say, though they are really cute with jeans!

I couldn't resist getting them in white as well.  I remember thinking white shoes were a mark of true beauty.  Funny what one thinks when she is under ten years old.  Best of all, these black and white shoes costed only $5.00 on sale.  Scratch that... the first pair was $5.00 and the 2nd pair was only $2.50.  This is unheard of!!! They happen to be in kids size.  I am one of those lucky ducks that can wear either womens or large kids shoes. :-) I am a women's size 6.5-7 or a kids size 4.5-5.

 Here is a closer look.  They have these adorable heart cutouts!

Spoiler alert!!! If you hate negative stories, stop reading right now.  But there is a happy ending.

* * *

As for my day, I had one of the worst mornings EVER.  Let's just say....I left my work key in my lunch bag and in a rush to catch the bus to work, I forgot to bring my lunch. BLEH!!!! If you remember the post I wrote about one of the worst days of my life, today could probably top it. WHYYYYY does it always involve my work keys!!???!?!?!?!?!?!  By the time I got to work to unlock the front door, I realized that I had no key to unlock it.  To make a very long story short, I was frantically searching for the building maintenance guy and the guy who owns the building (who also happens to be the city embarrassing) to try to see if they had a spare key to the building.  They both did not have a key. Then I had to get some online work done so I had to use the internet at the library to get everything done on time.  THEN!!!! I had to have one of my coworkers at the Olympia location drive down to unlock the door for me.  When I finally was able to come inside I checked my work messages.  There was a very angry patient to say the least because they had come by (not that I could have helped them anyway, since their hearing aids needed to be repaired and our practitioner is on vacation.) and of course the door was locked and I was not waiting by the door.  So they went home.  I called him back and apologized profusely and tried to explain that it was all my fault and what happened, etc.  Let's just say he was totally mean and out of hand, yelling, threatening me, and being as humanly unpleasant as possible.  He even hung up on me.  When I called him back he was worse than ever.  I understand being frustrated but he would not let me rectify the situation nor would he accept my apology.  It was all very frustrating.  Wow, I felt so irresponsible for leaving my key at home.  I am not saying it was alright to forget my key, but seriously, being a jerk to someone who is trying their best to apologize for a mistake is absolutely wrong.  I felt like crap for about two hours after that. That was by far one of the top ten most difficult people I have ever had to talk to on the phone.  For lunch I grabbed a sandwich from a nearby cafe.  It was soggy and awful.  I could hardly bear to eat it.

Random side note......On the way back from the library, I snapped a picture of the park.  Looks all patriotic and stuff, just in time for Independence Day.  LOOK HOW CUTE!

The sidewalk was lined with flags.  

I texted Brandon one of the longest texts telling him how horrid and unbearable that phone call was with that patient.  So when he came to pick me up, he had made me a patty melt!  It was so good.  He cheered me right up.  Have you ever had a super crappy day that turned around in 3 seconds flat?  Yeah, that was me.  I am so lucky.  xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Utah Diaries

Alright, so the stupidest thing ever?  I forgot to bring my camera to Utah.  Of all things.  But here is a  summary of our trip:

* * *

Thursday: We packed our bags and headed to SeaTac airport.  I wanted airport food.  So we wandered around until my nose was tantalized by some Italian food.  I chose to eat a Margherita pizza from there.  It was delightful.  The mozzarella cheese was all stretchy and lovely.  The crust was... well it kinda reminded me of the texture of a cracker but the sauce and toppings were yummy enough to make up for that.  Brandon wasn't hungry so I was just eating this pizza by myself and spilling crust crumbs everywhere all by myself.  Charming.  Our flight got delayed two hours.  When we finally took off, Brandon and I watched that old animated movie "Ratatouille."  Brandon had never seen it before. It was really amusing.  My parents were waiting for us at the Salt Lake airport and we got home past 2 am.  My siblings waited up for us to say hi, since they were so excited we were in town.

* * *

Friday: We had some errands to run.  My mom made homemade yogurt so we had some of that with fresh fruit. :-) My mom is awesome.  I need to learn to make homemade yogurt one of these days.  We went to H&M to pick out a spiffy new suit for Brandon.  We decided to get a navy blue one.  He looked really handsome!  We also got a new blue patterned tie from Express to match with the suit.  We brought along Rachel.  She seemed to love H&M.  We bought her a cute dress and also picked up some nice stuff for me.  Also, we took her to Rubios for lunch and ate fish tacos.  She says it's her favorite place now. Then we went to Good Earth to get real fruit popsicles and said hi to one of my best friends, DeeDee, who works nearby.  :-) Well, we came back worn out from shopping but we went to Texas Roadhouse for a nice steak dinner.  After stuffing ourselves, we came home and chatted with my family a bit and Brandon ate some of my dad's homemade curry. We ended the night walking around the Provo temple, which is close to my parents house.

* * *

Saturday:  We woke up early in the morning feeling absolutely bloated.  So we went to the new Provo Recreation Center.  It was incredible.  We ran on the treadmills for ten minutes to warm up.  Then we went and lifted some free weights.  I attempted the 15-pound dumbells.  Stupid idea since I haven't been faithful about working out at all, and even as I type now, my pecs and biceps and triceps are killing me.  We then ran around their indoor track four or five times.  It felt so good to be running in such a cool, well-ventilated place.  We ended our active morning by shooting basketball hoops.  Brandon was teaching me how to shoot properly.  The trick? Leg power, and focusing on the hoop.  Hehe.  I am still not the best at it but we had a blast.  That whole day I felt like I was baking in an oven since the weather was so hot outside.  After the Rec Center, we came back and we celebrated cute little Elsie's first birthday party.  She is soooo ADORABLE.  Kaelyn is lucky to have such a cute baby.  The party was adorable.  Kaelyn had baked lots of cupcakes and cut up fruit and had lots of snacks that toddlers like, such as string cheese and Go-gurt.  The best was when Elsie tried to eat string cheese without taking off the wrapper.  Afterwards, we went to Chuck A Rama for lunch.....HONESTLY we tried not to overdo the food since we had just worked out.  Then afterwards we walked around at University Mall and bought cheesy matching shirts to wear at Forever 21.  After that we took it easy and cooled off and took a nap at my parents house.  Well, at least I did.  My dad had Brandon come help him volunteer at Deseret Industries for a couple hours.  In the meantime I went shopping with my mom after my nap.  When Brandon was done with that we relaxed for a bit and then went to JCW and got burgers and a shake and drove up to Y Mount for a beautiful city view at night.  It would have been romantic in that parking lot had it not been for those blasted teenagers playing rap, metal, and classic rock in the car next door.   Haha that is how you know I am getting old.  So anyway, the night ended nicely.

* * *

Sunday: My sister Sarah was giving her farewell talk at church since she is leaving on a mission to New Jersey.  My sister Kristen also gave a talk.  It was really good and all of our family members were grabbing their tissues.  My brother Joseph also gave a talk and it was good and he is such a great young man.  I love him so much.  Me and my mom and sisters sang the musical number and a lot of people seemed to like it.   Afterwards we went to my parents house.  Lots of people came over to say goodbye to Sarah and eat sandwiches made of Kneaders bread, lunch meat, Tillamook cheeses, and yummy vegetables and pickles to top it off.  There was also plenty of fresh fruit as well as chips.  We got to see lots of friends and family and it was really nice.  It was especially fun to see my cousin Trevlyn.  Brandon and I also got to meet Sarah's friends, Noreen and Alyssa.  Those girls were so cute and it was fun to talk to them.  We went to Uncle Glenn's new house that he just purchased.  I am jealous of the yard!  It is so roomy and would be perfect for really any event.  We were all talking about how it would be the perfect place for a backyard wedding or to camp out there.  There were lots of fruit trees and a vegetable garden and just... *sigh* it was so pretty.  After all that we went up the canyon and met with my "pixie friends," and their husbands.  We chatted and snacked on junk food and used the barbecue grill at the park to cook meat and s'mores.  It was awesome and I realized just how much I miss Hailey, Mary, Lara, Kailee, and Erin. We ended the night by walking around the temple with Sarah and just enjoying time with her.

* * *

Monday:  It seemed like our trip was not long enough, but alas, the final day came.  We woke up early to go to the Rec Center again, but when we got there we found we were a bit drowsy, so nothing productive really happened.  We ran on the treadmills for ten minutes, then walked around aimlessly.  After that, we played some Racquetball.  Well, actually we don't know how to play it, so we made up our own rules.  After that, we took Sarah to Tucanos Brazilian Grill for lunch.  We pigged out and were nice and full.  We spent the last couple of hours in Utah at my parents house just hanging out with everyone and teasing little Elsie.  Then it was goodbye to the family and back to the airport. Did I mention that my mom bought me a sewing machine and dress patterns?  So I packed that in my bag and it transported just fine without breaking.  I was grateful to be traveling with my sweetheart Brandon on the plane.  It is really dreadful to fly alone.  When we got home we just unpacked and I messed around with my sewing machine and filled up some bobbins with various colors of thread.  It was such a nice vacation. Actually it is boiling hot in Washington now.  I thought we would get away from the heat but it is worse than Utah was since our air conditioning unit is not the strongest at our house.


~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son