Thursday, October 3, 2013

Best and Worst

Hi guys! Just want to drop you a line this morning.  When did it become October?? I feel like it should still be July.  In order to make this quick, here are the best and worst of stuff I am up to lately:


Best:  Being close to everything nice downtown.

Worst:  I was informed that my work has a dress code that I have been violating since I started working jeans allowed.  *sigh*


Best:  My Japanese class!  It is so much fun and I love my professor and classmates.  This is my first class I am actually taking on campus as opposed to online.

Worst:  The cold weather associated with driving to campus for this quarter.  Last night I was pelted with rain and freezing on my way back to the parking lot.


Best:  Enid Blyton books!  I am going to be thinking this for a while.  I just finished The Adventures of Pip.  It was really cute, and had some pretty amusing chapters.

Worst:  Online reading for my Economics class, because I have such a short attention span and get very impatient and keep getting distracted while I am supposed to study.


Best:  East of Eden.  I have never cried so much while watching a KDrama in my life. 

Worst:  New Girl.  Please don't hate me.  I think Zooey Deschanel is adorable.  But that show ended up being kind of a flop for me since it just got more and more crude (aka not really my kind of humor), and also Brandon didn't even think Episode 1 was that funny.   I watched a few episodes before moving on to other shows.


Best: Brandon!!!

Worst:  Missing family and friends in Utah and South Africa.


Best:  My three new dresses from Canada!  I promise to take pictures... one of these days.  Also... on a side note, since I am obsessed with Smallville I bought a Lana Lang necklace.  SO pretty!

Worst:  Gaining weight so that my pants are hard to slip over my butt.   Also, one of my favorite dresses shrunk in the wash and is now nothing more than a really fancy shirt.


Best:  Honestly, the best moments are when bloggers I admire end up reading my blog and commenting.  I have also enjoyed many new online friendships from loyal readers!  Add me on Facebook if you want!

Worst:  People that post anonymous rude comments, hiding behind their computer screens just so they can speak their mind and be a total jerk without me knowing who they are.  I delete their comments faster than you can blink.


Best:  For lunch I often have meat and rice as a main dish.  A good topping is a drizzle of Bolthouse Ranch and few squirts of Sriracha sauce.  SERIOUSLY GUYS!  Try it.

Worst:  I can't eat fried foods anymore without feeling very ill.


Best:  I am ALWAYS going to be biased toward KPop of course.  I can't narrow down to just one song!

Worst:  Dubstep.... Not my style at all.

I think we are in need for a fashion post soon?  Yes?  Anyway, as an update, this school quarter is so far not as bad as last quarter.  I love learning new things and am trying not to let it stress me out.  Talk to you later, darlings! xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son


  1. Haha I love how dubstep is your worst, it is my BEST! And ignore those lame-os who post crap in your comments. They're dumb.

    1. Bahaha!!! Yeah for some reason I can't catch the wave with the whole dubstep trend. It is like noise to me, LOL! But many would say the same thing about KPop. Yeah, I really don't tolerate crap on my blog.