Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Am Currently...

I stole this idea from this blog... Thought it would be fun to give a little current update.  Also, I think it would be fun if some of my readers did this on their blog as well. :-)

Making: homemade almond milk!  I followed this recipe, but skipped the sweetener and added vanilla and a pinch of salt.  It turned out DELICIOUS. 
Cooking: Cooking?  Well I have to be honest.  The last thing I cooked was anything but delicious.  Oatmeal with almond meal and protein powder.  Blegh.  Next time I'll skip the almond meal.
Drinking: lots of tea!  I am dying to brew some of that lovely Green and Fruity Rooibos from David's Tea in Canada.  It is incredible both iced and hot.
Reading: Tales of Toyland and Other Stories, by Enid Blyton.  I also plan to read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë.
Wanting: to take the time to make homemade kimchi.
Looking: for creative ways to exercise and eat healthy food.  So far, I run around a high school track, do blogilates, lift dumbells (weight training), go on little hikes, and make smoothies regularly.
Playing: while I can, before school starts.
Wasting: lots of almond meal (left over from the almond milk recipe) since I don't know what to make with it.
Sewing: nothing at the moment, but planning on finally making another dress.  The fabric is just sitting there by my sewing machine...
Wishing: I were graduated already!!!
Enjoying: little moments with Brandon every day.
Waiting: to figure out what is going on with our house-buying situation.  We made an offer and are still waiting to hear back.
Liking: all the re-runs of Smallville I have been watching.  Have you noticed everyone in that show is FREAKISHLY gorgeous?
Wondering: when my baby sister, Rachel, grew up so much.
Loving: Fall weather, Nabi (our cat), my wonderful family, and most of all, Brandon!!
Hoping: to get straight A's again this quarter.
Marvelling: at how easy it has been to learn Japanese Hirigana characters.  Yes, I am studying a bit before I jump into my actual Japanese class.
Needing: more sleep.
Smelling: my amazing new shampoo.  It smells so delicious, and Brandon is in love with it as well.
Wearing: Jeans, a dark gray shirt, tacky white socks, royal blue shoes, and a royal blue peacoat.
Following: Annie Jaffrey's blog and youtube channel.  Seriously I admire her in so many ways.
Noticing: the difference between not cutting my hair for over six months and a small hair trim.
Knowing: that God is on our side, and everything will work out as it is meant to be.
Thinking: of getting yet another shellac manicure.  It's easy to feel all dolled up when your nails look pretty.
Bookmarking: this fitness inspiration tumblr, this healthy food inspiration tumblr, and this homesteading blog.
Opening: a package of new (silky soft) sheets.
Giggling: every time I have a Skype date with my bestie, Rene!
Feeling: grateful for all my family members and many blessings.

Hope you had fun reading this!  If you put one on your page, let me know! xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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