Sunday, August 18, 2013

Seattle Date

Brandon and I went to Seattle this weekend.  First of all, one of his good friends, Esther, is moving to California, and we wanted to say goodbye to her since she's so awesome.  So we went out to lunch with her and her fiance Rian.

We went to this Korean fusion restaurant on the beach, Marination Ma Kai.  I got the Kalbi Beef Tacos, each with a very generous squirt of lime.  THEY WERE FANTASTIC.  But very expensive, so we probably won't go there again for a while.  Plus, Brandon thought the tacos were a bit salty, but honestly having enough lime juice on them fixes that.  I wish I took a picture of the tacos because they looked really good and tasted good too.

Right next to the restaurant was a pier with a water taxi.  We took that to downtown Seattle so we wouldn't have to deal with the parking situation there.  

We practiced taking pictures of ourselves on the water taxi since we didn't have our friends around to snap them for us anymore.  A lot of the pictures were pretty bad and hideous so we deleted them, but this one looks cool because it really shows our dark and light eyes together. <3

And yet another practice shot!

From there we just walked around randomly.  We eventually ran across this Japanese museum, so we took pictures in front of the majestic statues.
The ceiling was really cool, right?

Me trying to sit on the camel, but my legs aren't long enough!  And not to mention the security guard probably saw me climbing on the statue.  HA!

We went to this arcade that we love, Gameworks.  Here I am geeking out and playing Frogger. XD

Brandon won a whole stack of tickets for me to get the prize of my dreams....

And I was one happy girl.  Sanrio stuffed animals are one of those things that makes me smile non-stop.  Let's just say I was the envy of every little kid, carrying it around all day.  Oh, we also went to H&M and found a super cute dress for only $10.  I will do an outfit post on it one of these days.

 Randomly, there were Star Wars people on the street that we just had to pose with.

And of course, Chococat had to be in the photo too.  I look a little foolish in this picture, but I really don't care.  It was so worth $1 to hold the light saber and have this picture taken.

Then we went to the most popular area in Seattle, where you can see the space needle.  We didn't go inside, because we have already done that together. 

Instead, we went to the tallest skyscraper in downtown Seattle.

It has 75 floors!!!!!!!!

Oh, and can you see the space needle from this uppermost floor?  This skyscraper is twice the height of the space needle.  How's that for cool?

You could see EVERYTHING in the city from that floor.  Even the famous huge ferris wheel that seems so tiny from up there.  Can you spot it?

Oh, look!  You can even see the water taxi riding off into the sunset!

The skyscraper is called the Columbia Center, if you are interested.  It is taller, cleaner, less crowded, and less expensive than the touristy Space Needle.  They even give you a student discount if you have a student ID card on you.... :-)

Another view out the sky room window.... Those orange construction things remind me of giraffes.  Am I the only one who thinks that?

Another view, where you can see plenty of green, freeways, buildings, and the mountains.

The tall black building is what the Columbia Center looked like from the water taxi on the way back to our car!

Brandon staring at the water and the city scenery as we left.

We had a fantastic time wandering around Seattle.  It was a perfect date for us.  On the way to downtown Seattle, we were inside the water taxi.  On the way back we decided to stand outside against the rail and enjoy the scenery.

LOL!  Ugly instagram colors on me... but the background is what I want you to focus on. 

The spray from the water made my hair a bit frizzy, but it was so fun to be on that water taxi.  I recommend it to anyone.

Oh, and not that this has to do with anything, but Brandon looked really hot that day.  Don't you think?

Later on, we were going to go to this Hot Pot restaraunt called Gourmet Noodle Bowl, since I haven't had Hot Pot in a long time and was craving it.  We couldn't find parking anywhere, so we just ended up eating our usual weekend meal of Jasmine Mongolian Grill. :-) haha....  But today we did go to the Hot Pot place because Brandon just couldn't stand the fact that we didn't get to go.  MAN!  It was really good.  The selection of vegetables could have been better but the yummy broth more than makes up for it.  Well, too bad the weekend is already practically over.  I need at least one more day of relaxation.  *sigh* Well, time to read my latest Enid Blyton book and have a snooze.  xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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