Friday, August 16, 2013

Enchanting Walks on My Work Break

As many of you know, I use my work break to take a walk around and look at something beautiful.  This is good for several reasons.  I get fresh air, a little bit of much-needed exercise, and something about the city I work in refreshes me and is good for my soul.   Not to mention the fact that sometimes I just need a dang break from being in the office all the time.  There is an outdoor gallery in the nearby park with tons of sculptures from impressive local artists.  I try to snap pictures of things that impress me.  Here are my latest finds....

This is creepy, but definitely in a cool way.

As usual, the gardens impressed me greatly, filled to the brim with these lovely orange flowers.

This one has terrible lighting.  I blame it on being blinded by the sun while trying to take a picture of a sculpture of the sun.

 CUTE!  A little path with flowers along each side of it. 

 A dog sniffing a daffodil.... ^___^

Randomly, someone had a natural fence of bamboo bordering their yard.

To change the subject, Brandon and I have some lovely days ahead of us.  It is my birthday month and he is already spoiling me rotten.  We will be going on a trip to Victoria, BC for the weekend of my birthday, and tomorrow we are going to Seattle to spend the day there.  We will be having lunch with Brandon's good friends.  It will be most enjoyable.  

OH! This is random, but I am trying once again after many failed attempts to be better about my health.  I have been doing Blogilates pretty consistently, and that has really helped to bring back strength to my arms and has really helped my legs not look so weak and not-taken-care-of-in-the-exercise-department.  I also have been enjoying hikes on the little trail around our neighborhood.  I am just trying to remember to take the camera with me one of these days because it is such a scenic but easy hike.  Hiking is my form of cardio.  I believe that working up a sweat is very important.  Unfortunately running is not for me, although I know it works for many people.  I have exercise-induced asthma I am pretty sure, since my lungs wheeze when I run too hard.  How icky, right?  So I have to find alternative cardio and hiking does it for me.  It definitely helps my heart rate go up and actually I can get pretty out of breath from it.  According to my acupuncturist, I have very weak circulation and he must have said at least twelve times {in his thick Korean accent} that I need to spend more time exercising.  So his persistent attitude made me really want to change.  :-)  I have been good for about two weeks now.  I have seen nothing but positive come from my new exercising habit.  I have more energy, even though I didn't think I would.  I also feel positive endorphins after I exercise and then I am just in this fantastic mood all day.  Not that before I was too grumpy or anything, but I just feel like I can do more stuff due to being in better health. 

Wow, this post ended up being longer than I thought.  Happy Friday to everyone! xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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