Thursday, August 1, 2013

Classic K-Drama: Playful Kiss

 Enjoy a nice preview of Playful Kiss!

Today I have yet another K-Drama to recommend.  If you are having a really stressful day, this is just the show to get you out of your dark place.  You can watch it on Netflix, or here on Dramafever (for free!) and it is AMAZING.  Alright, I am just going to put this out there....this is an extremely cheesy drama and you won't be able to handle it if you don't like over-the-top humor and characters.  The story begins with a well-liked girl, Hanni, that doesn't pay much attention in school but falls in love with the smartest guy in school, Baek Seung Jo.  He, of course is not only smart, but talented in every area of his life.  He is good at tennis, cooking, academics, and basically everything you could ever think of.  Hanni decides to write him a love note to confess her love.  Unfortunately, he rejects her feelings and doesn't pay attention to her.  Feeling like an idiot, Hanni goes home in a very bad mood.  Not only that, but her brand new house collapses, making it the worst day of her life.  Thankfully, Hanni's dad has a kind friend that finds out about their predicament and invites Hanni and her father to live with them while they arrange for a new home to live in.  Little does Hanni know, her father's friend is the father of none other than Baek Seung Jo, and she is now going to have to live in the house of the boy that rejected her and made her look stupid in front of her classmates!  I mustn't give away too much of the story, but at least let me introduce you to my favorite characters.

Oh, and just as a disclaimer, I got all these pictures off of google images.  I believe most of them came from DramaBeans, which is a cool site that has mega spoilers for dramas.

 Baek Seung Jo.  The love interest.  He is quiet, disciplined, and has a photographic memory.

Starry-eyed Hanni.  Our main girl.  She is cheerful, loyal, and a bit clumsy.

Baek Eun Jo.  Seung Jo's little brother, who is also very smart.  He has no patience for stupid people.

Sorry for the tiny picture, but this is Baek Seung Jo's conniving mother.  She LOVES Hanni and will do anything in her power to make sure Seung Jo and Hanni end up together.

 Bong Jung Gu, the well-meaning guy that LOVES Hanni, but since he is nice and loyal and dedicated she ignores him completely.  (Every KDrama has a guy like this.)

 The girl who also loves Baek Seung Jo in high school.  She is blatant and HATES the fact that Hanni lives with Seung Jo.

The other girl who loves Baek Seung Jo in college.  She is feminine, smart, gorgeous, and perfect in every way. 

Best part of the K-Drama: Definitely Baek Seung Jo's mom!  She is so beautiful and hilarious and the best kind of mother.  This was the first time the mother was not evil or a gold digger in any KDrama I have seen.  Oh, and also the soundtrack is pretty dang awesome.

Worst part of the K-Drama:  Some of the acting was not very believable.  As in, very over-the-top.  People who take that seriously would hate this drama.

It is interesting to know that this KDrama was based off a Japanese comic, Itazura Na Kiss.  I happened to watch the anime, thanks to my beautiful friend Mary's recommendation.  You can watch it with English titles here, but just take note that the video quality is not the best.  The storyline was basically the same as the KDrama, but moves along much more quickly and also goes way further into the future.  Also, they naturally have Japanese names in the anime.

Best part of the anime:  Definitely the kiss in the rain.  It gave me the chills - it was really that good.  Especially considering it is just a cartoon.

Worst part of the anime:  The fact that the men slap the women in this is not exactly my favorite.  What happened to being a gentleman?

I also watched the J-Drama version, which can also be watched here on Dramafever.  It is called Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo.  OH MAN!  Well, the story line was very much the same as the KDrama version.
The characters were all extremely CUTE in this one.

And the mother in this one is HILARIOUS.  Maybe even more hilarious than the KDrama one.  I am still debating.

Best part of the J-Drama:  The caterpillar scene.  It was so funny I rewatched it five times and was still laughing hysterically.

Worst part of the J-Drama:  The tennis club leader guy.  UGH.  Worst actor ever.

Lastly, there is a Taiwanese version of the exact same story.  It is called "It Started With A Kiss."  I haven't watched this one yet.  But it looks kinda fun.  You can check it out if you want to here on Dramafever.

 I haven't really watched Taiwanese dramas before, but I am seriously tempted to just so I can say I watched all the versions.

Well, looks like this is one of the most popular story lines there is, so it is definitely worth watching one of the dramas or the anime that I recommended.  Have a lovely day! xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son


  1. Great post. You have described all the three versions. Thank you. But I guess only in Korean version all the characters are adorable and charming.
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    1. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Tiana. :-) I think the Korean one has the most charming characters too! But every version I watched made me laugh a lot.