Monday, August 12, 2013

Ayumi Hamasaki's Inspiring Bedroom

A few years ago I used to listen to Ayumi Hamasaki constantly.  I was really on a J-Pop kick.  I watched all of her music videos back when they had the full versions on YouTube.  I was really drawn to her edgy style and unique voice.  One music video in particular really caught my attention, but not because of her, mostly because of the BEDROOM in it.  It is called "Do It Again."  The song is not my favorite (in fact it is kinda creepy to me), but I did take some screen shots of the room because I think it's sooo pretty.  Kudos to the people that designed the set.

Why might I be thinking of bedrooms right now?  Brandon and I have just got a new Tempur-Pedic mattress and that has got me in a house decorating mood.  I am not saying Brandon will go for the decorations in this room, but here are some photos of it for all of you to enjoy!

A shot of the entire room.  I like the black and white theme, the understated windows, the intricate details on the furniture, the damask walls, the round rug and ottomans, and the fancy chandelier.

 Now, let's just focus on the bed, shall we?  I am in love with that quilted leather headboard.  And don't even get me started on the details of the door in the background.

The accents she seemed to use in the room were clear, or glass textured, such as this modern lamp next to her bed.  She also has lots of frills on her bedding and pillows.

She also has a black vanity table near her bed, where she continues with her glass accents and adds another element of silver to decorate the place.

 Next to her bedroom is a little washroom.  I like the detail of the towels in a glass tray.  AND THAT MIRROR! *gasp* Also, notice the chair just outside the door has a nice black throw on it, completing the black and white theme.

This is just another shot of the washroom, showing it is right next to the bed.  I also happened to notice the white frame used as a decoration.  She also uses plants here and there to add life to the room.

Another part of her room is the walk-in closet.  She has some very unique chairs next to the entrance, and the details of the doors and the plants look really beautiful.

 She just looks like she owns the world bursting out of that closet.

Here is a peek inside the closet.  She has shelves of shoes and a whole wall where she hangs up dresses.  It is a small but organized closet space.

Well, perhaps I have become carried away with swooning over her fictional room and closet, but can you blame me?  Everything about this room is luxurious, fancy, and original.  I have never seen anything like it.  This at least makes me want to re-decorate our room and make it look more organized.  Happy Monday! xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son


  1. I LOVE this bedroom, aside from the blonde Asian girl ... you'd look much better in it.

    1. Lol! I know! This would have been my dream bedroom as a teenager.