Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Utah Diaries

Alright, so the stupidest thing ever?  I forgot to bring my camera to Utah.  Of all things.  But here is a  summary of our trip:

* * *

Thursday: We packed our bags and headed to SeaTac airport.  I wanted airport food.  So we wandered around until my nose was tantalized by some Italian food.  I chose to eat a Margherita pizza from there.  It was delightful.  The mozzarella cheese was all stretchy and lovely.  The crust was... well it kinda reminded me of the texture of a cracker but the sauce and toppings were yummy enough to make up for that.  Brandon wasn't hungry so I was just eating this pizza by myself and spilling crust crumbs everywhere all by myself.  Charming.  Our flight got delayed two hours.  When we finally took off, Brandon and I watched that old animated movie "Ratatouille."  Brandon had never seen it before. It was really amusing.  My parents were waiting for us at the Salt Lake airport and we got home past 2 am.  My siblings waited up for us to say hi, since they were so excited we were in town.

* * *

Friday: We had some errands to run.  My mom made homemade yogurt so we had some of that with fresh fruit. :-) My mom is awesome.  I need to learn to make homemade yogurt one of these days.  We went to H&M to pick out a spiffy new suit for Brandon.  We decided to get a navy blue one.  He looked really handsome!  We also got a new blue patterned tie from Express to match with the suit.  We brought along Rachel.  She seemed to love H&M.  We bought her a cute dress and also picked up some nice stuff for me.  Also, we took her to Rubios for lunch and ate fish tacos.  She says it's her favorite place now. Then we went to Good Earth to get real fruit popsicles and said hi to one of my best friends, DeeDee, who works nearby.  :-) Well, we came back worn out from shopping but we went to Texas Roadhouse for a nice steak dinner.  After stuffing ourselves, we came home and chatted with my family a bit and Brandon ate some of my dad's homemade curry. We ended the night walking around the Provo temple, which is close to my parents house.

* * *

Saturday:  We woke up early in the morning feeling absolutely bloated.  So we went to the new Provo Recreation Center.  It was incredible.  We ran on the treadmills for ten minutes to warm up.  Then we went and lifted some free weights.  I attempted the 15-pound dumbells.  Stupid idea since I haven't been faithful about working out at all, and even as I type now, my pecs and biceps and triceps are killing me.  We then ran around their indoor track four or five times.  It felt so good to be running in such a cool, well-ventilated place.  We ended our active morning by shooting basketball hoops.  Brandon was teaching me how to shoot properly.  The trick? Leg power, and focusing on the hoop.  Hehe.  I am still not the best at it but we had a blast.  That whole day I felt like I was baking in an oven since the weather was so hot outside.  After the Rec Center, we came back and we celebrated cute little Elsie's first birthday party.  She is soooo ADORABLE.  Kaelyn is lucky to have such a cute baby.  The party was adorable.  Kaelyn had baked lots of cupcakes and cut up fruit and had lots of snacks that toddlers like, such as string cheese and Go-gurt.  The best was when Elsie tried to eat string cheese without taking off the wrapper.  Afterwards, we went to Chuck A Rama for lunch.....HONESTLY we tried not to overdo the food since we had just worked out.  Then afterwards we walked around at University Mall and bought cheesy matching shirts to wear at Forever 21.  After that we took it easy and cooled off and took a nap at my parents house.  Well, at least I did.  My dad had Brandon come help him volunteer at Deseret Industries for a couple hours.  In the meantime I went shopping with my mom after my nap.  When Brandon was done with that we relaxed for a bit and then went to JCW and got burgers and a shake and drove up to Y Mount for a beautiful city view at night.  It would have been romantic in that parking lot had it not been for those blasted teenagers playing rap, metal, and classic rock in the car next door.   Haha that is how you know I am getting old.  So anyway, the night ended nicely.

* * *

Sunday: My sister Sarah was giving her farewell talk at church since she is leaving on a mission to New Jersey.  My sister Kristen also gave a talk.  It was really good and all of our family members were grabbing their tissues.  My brother Joseph also gave a talk and it was good and he is such a great young man.  I love him so much.  Me and my mom and sisters sang the musical number and a lot of people seemed to like it.   Afterwards we went to my parents house.  Lots of people came over to say goodbye to Sarah and eat sandwiches made of Kneaders bread, lunch meat, Tillamook cheeses, and yummy vegetables and pickles to top it off.  There was also plenty of fresh fruit as well as chips.  We got to see lots of friends and family and it was really nice.  It was especially fun to see my cousin Trevlyn.  Brandon and I also got to meet Sarah's friends, Noreen and Alyssa.  Those girls were so cute and it was fun to talk to them.  We went to Uncle Glenn's new house that he just purchased.  I am jealous of the yard!  It is so roomy and would be perfect for really any event.  We were all talking about how it would be the perfect place for a backyard wedding or to camp out there.  There were lots of fruit trees and a vegetable garden and just... *sigh* it was so pretty.  After all that we went up the canyon and met with my "pixie friends," and their husbands.  We chatted and snacked on junk food and used the barbecue grill at the park to cook meat and s'mores.  It was awesome and I realized just how much I miss Hailey, Mary, Lara, Kailee, and Erin. We ended the night by walking around the temple with Sarah and just enjoying time with her.

* * *

Monday:  It seemed like our trip was not long enough, but alas, the final day came.  We woke up early to go to the Rec Center again, but when we got there we found we were a bit drowsy, so nothing productive really happened.  We ran on the treadmills for ten minutes, then walked around aimlessly.  After that, we played some Racquetball.  Well, actually we don't know how to play it, so we made up our own rules.  After that, we took Sarah to Tucanos Brazilian Grill for lunch.  We pigged out and were nice and full.  We spent the last couple of hours in Utah at my parents house just hanging out with everyone and teasing little Elsie.  Then it was goodbye to the family and back to the airport. Did I mention that my mom bought me a sewing machine and dress patterns?  So I packed that in my bag and it transported just fine without breaking.  I was grateful to be traveling with my sweetheart Brandon on the plane.  It is really dreadful to fly alone.  When we got home we just unpacked and I messed around with my sewing machine and filled up some bobbins with various colors of thread.  It was such a nice vacation. Actually it is boiling hot in Washington now.  I thought we would get away from the heat but it is worse than Utah was since our air conditioning unit is not the strongest at our house.


~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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