Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Sons' Weekend

I feel bad for having waited this long to tell you about our perfect weekend.  On Saturday, it was the most perfect temperature outside.  Not to hot, not too cold.  Brandon packed us up a lovely picnic cooler and we headed off to the mountains to hang out for the day.  He packed some fresh cut up watermelon (the nicest I have had in a LONG time), crackers and two kinds of cheese, Zevia Root Beer and Ginger Ale (we are HOOKED on this soda made with stevia), Sweet Potato chips, and popcorn.  Then we went to Subway.  Mind you, I thought I had outgrown my liking for Subway sandwiches, but I was wrong.  We each got footlong sandwiches and packed them with our picnic stuff.  We drove up to Mount Rainier.  On the way, we stopped by the little church we got married at, and bought some of the freshest, most delicious Rainier cherries I have had in...forever, from a little cherry stand nearby.  We continued on up the mountain and stopped at Paradise (a section of Mount Rainier that is very popular for families to walk around).  It was super crowded since it was the weekend.  We ate our food until we were stuffed to the brim.  I swear, food tastes so much better in the fresh mountain air.  Then we took a short hike to a waterfall.  Funny fact: I really wanted to look pretty that day so I wore a dress and white shoes, even though Brandon didn't think it was the best idea.  Let's just say it wasn't the most practical, so next time I am definitely dressing in a more casual manner.  Soon, we headed back down the mountain.  The roads were very scenic and beautiful and it made us a little bit sleepy.  So halfway back down the mountain Brandon pulled over in the shade and we had a nap.  It was the nicest nap ever!  I promise to add a couple of snaps of Mt. Rainier soon so you can see how nice it looked.

In other news.... I received this cute red polka dot dress in the mail yesterday from Forever 21. I took some self-photos on my phone, so you can't really see the whole dress, but I just had to show you at least a sample of how cute it looks.  Oh, and yes, I do wear glasses.  And no, I am not wearing makeup. HA!

 Without glasses....

Annnd...with glasses.

I got a few compliments this morning on my dress as I was walking to the bus stop.  Another bonus? I have perfectly matching nail polish on at the moment.  That was not planned.

Also, I acted on my urge to order a couple Enid Blyton books.  No, they are not all the vintage 1960's printed editions, but as long as the wording is not changed I do not mind.  It was like a flashback to my childhood when I received the first one in the mail.  I read one of the short stories to Brandon and he thought it was really cute.  I definitely want my future children to have Enid Blyton stories in their lives.

Last, but not least, today is a special day: Sarah's birthday!  She is my lovely little sister who is in the MTC right now, and I am super proud of her.  I think she is so great and love her to bits.  I wrote her a snail mail letter with some super cute stationery.  I hope she likes it!

Happy Birthday to beautiful Sarah!!! xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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