Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Light Purple Love!!

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Hello loyal readers!  I made my first ever wish list collage today.  It was so much fun!  I think deep down I want to be a graphic designer....Hehe.  But that is not gonna happen any time soon.

Lately, I have been crazy about purple.  Light purple, baby purple, lilac, and lavender to be exact.  I compiled a bunch of my favorite products in my collage.  I am afraid some of them are sold out due to being so popular!  Read on for commentary on each item:

1) This dress is so beautiful! I was in love at first sight.  How pretty would that be with a white cardigan and perhaps some lacy lavender socks and dainty low-heeled white pumps? 

2) I have been wishing for a nice satchel for school that is big enough to hold my laptop and is pretty to look at.  This one meets both requirements.

3) Seeing as it is summer time, I can't be lounging around in fluffy fleece footie pajamas any longer.  These imitation silk pj's immediately drew me in because of how feminine and cute they are.  Plus, they are short, but not too skimpy, so I would feel comfortable roaming around the house in front of Brandon's grandma, mom, and David.

4) There are not enough words to explain how much I NEED this color in my nail polish collection.  I think I am going to run to Walgreens today to see if they have it.

5) Do you think Brandon would wear matching silk pj's with me?  No? Awww dang it!!  I think this looks so cute.  Hehe... I bet when Brandon reads this he will be disgusted beyond all reason.  Perhaps another nice and daring young man can buy them instead.

6) Saltwater sandals!!! I hear they are all the rage these days.  I was thrilled to find that Modcloth has a pair in practically every color.

7) The cardigan that started this whole light purple obsession was actually at H&M a couple months ago.  I didn't end up buying it since it was full price, but I really wish I had.  I went back to see if they had it, but they were all sold out.  Thankfully, Old Navy has a similar one with a flattering cut.

8) Amethysts are one of my favorite gems.  They remind me of my friend, DeeDee, since it is her birth stone.  They also remind me of Anne of Green Gables.  Those who are avid fans will know EXACTLY what I am talking about.  I have been secretly wanting a ring or earrings or even a dainty necklace with an amethyst.

9) Yet another Modcloth piece in my collage.  I think I am slightly obsessed and want to own half the dresses they have in stock.  GOODNESS!  I mean, I already have two polka-dot dresses.  But not a purple one yet.

As if that collage was not enough, here are some more purple things to enjoy:

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A lavender field in France.  Breathtaking!

picture found on
A beautiful light purple sunset.

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Lilacs!  They look pretty and smell pretty.

Hope you enjoyed my girly obsession!  I could go on and on and keep posting purple pictures, but  I will stop now. :-) Have a fabulous day.  xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son