Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fashion Nostalgia

Today is a day that I am reminded strongly of my childhood.  I ordered some more shoes from Payless and had them shipped to the nearest store to me.  They called me today to let me know they were ready for me to come pick up.  I got there, and discovered that they were having a buy one get one half off sale.  Those kind of sales rarely get to me, but I saw some shoes I would have DIED to have in elementary school.  Soooo... are you ready to see my purchases?

Here is a shot of all three pairs of shoes I bought.  Let me tell you why I love each one.

These babies were all the rage I think it was... first grade?  My cousin Trevlyn and her best friend Jessie had matching ones and I was DYING to have some too.  Alas, my mom thought they were not the most practical.  So I did without, feeling the injustice that any soul had to feel that did not own these particular shoes.  I soon forgot all about them, but years later, in 9th grade, I saw a girl wearing a pair at a dance.  I was once again reminded of the shoe trend I never got to experience.  Promptly, I forgot all about them.  But a few weeks ago, I saw a blogger I admire wearing them and totally caved in and bought them.  YAY!  Brandon's reaction?  "They look like bowling shoes." LOL! He is so right.  Nevertheless....I am in love.

I have been a fan of Mary Jane shoes for as long as I can remember.  These shoes would have gone with any outfit in my childhood.  Especially my church dresses with my ruffly socks. I don't think Brandon likes them (yes, Honey, I can read your mind, however polite you may be).  They are really shiny.  The part that is not my favorite is the fact that the heel is really chunky.  I must say, though they are really cute with jeans!

I couldn't resist getting them in white as well.  I remember thinking white shoes were a mark of true beauty.  Funny what one thinks when she is under ten years old.  Best of all, these black and white shoes costed only $5.00 on sale.  Scratch that... the first pair was $5.00 and the 2nd pair was only $2.50.  This is unheard of!!! They happen to be in kids size.  I am one of those lucky ducks that can wear either womens or large kids shoes. :-) I am a women's size 6.5-7 or a kids size 4.5-5.

 Here is a closer look.  They have these adorable heart cutouts!

Spoiler alert!!! If you hate negative stories, stop reading right now.  But there is a happy ending.

* * *

As for my day, I had one of the worst mornings EVER.  Let's just say....I left my work key in my lunch bag and in a rush to catch the bus to work, I forgot to bring my lunch. BLEH!!!! If you remember the post I wrote about one of the worst days of my life, today could probably top it. WHYYYYY does it always involve my work keys!!???!?!?!?!?!?!  By the time I got to work to unlock the front door, I realized that I had no key to unlock it.  To make a very long story short, I was frantically searching for the building maintenance guy and the guy who owns the building (who also happens to be the city embarrassing) to try to see if they had a spare key to the building.  They both did not have a key. Then I had to get some online work done so I had to use the internet at the library to get everything done on time.  THEN!!!! I had to have one of my coworkers at the Olympia location drive down to unlock the door for me.  When I finally was able to come inside I checked my work messages.  There was a very angry patient to say the least because they had come by (not that I could have helped them anyway, since their hearing aids needed to be repaired and our practitioner is on vacation.) and of course the door was locked and I was not waiting by the door.  So they went home.  I called him back and apologized profusely and tried to explain that it was all my fault and what happened, etc.  Let's just say he was totally mean and out of hand, yelling, threatening me, and being as humanly unpleasant as possible.  He even hung up on me.  When I called him back he was worse than ever.  I understand being frustrated but he would not let me rectify the situation nor would he accept my apology.  It was all very frustrating.  Wow, I felt so irresponsible for leaving my key at home.  I am not saying it was alright to forget my key, but seriously, being a jerk to someone who is trying their best to apologize for a mistake is absolutely wrong.  I felt like crap for about two hours after that. That was by far one of the top ten most difficult people I have ever had to talk to on the phone.  For lunch I grabbed a sandwich from a nearby cafe.  It was soggy and awful.  I could hardly bear to eat it.

Random side note......On the way back from the library, I snapped a picture of the park.  Looks all patriotic and stuff, just in time for Independence Day.  LOOK HOW CUTE!

The sidewalk was lined with flags.  

I texted Brandon one of the longest texts telling him how horrid and unbearable that phone call was with that patient.  So when he came to pick me up, he had made me a patty melt!  It was so good.  He cheered me right up.  Have you ever had a super crappy day that turned around in 3 seconds flat?  Yeah, that was me.  I am so lucky.  xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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