Friday, May 24, 2013


Yesterday was a very special day.  It was Brandon's 28th birthday!!  He is so wonderful and has been a delight since the moment I met him.  Last year I was not able to spoil him so much, on account of not having a job yet.  I felt so bad since all I could do was bake him a homemade ice cream cake, but I wanted to do so much more.  So this year was really different.  I told myself I was going to spoil him rotten.  Yes, I still had a budget this year, since we are saving up for our house, but it was a lot better than last year.  We both had to work on his birthday, but once work was done I came home and finished up some handmade gifts I had been making for him, and wrapped them as pretty as I could make them!  The wrapping paper and ribbons were all so cute.  They looked much better in real life than in the picture below.  We were going to go see Iron Man 3, since Brandon has been wanting to do that, but unfortunately he had to do more work stuff.  Thank goodness he was able to do it all from home, but I was so annoyed that he had to do that on his birthday (Kidding but not kidding...).  So anyway, I did my makeup in his favorite way and dressed all cute, and I looked very unstudentlike....which was a nice change from the past month or two of me doing grueling homework and looking like I live in a rat's nest all the time.

Anyway, as for the gifts I got him...

Panda pot in the center of all the other wrapped gifts!  We will probably put a bamboo plant in it.

A pull-up bar.  We are trying to complete our home gym.  I also got him some new workout clothes.  Now all we need is a treadmill....

Some cheesy T-shirts from the Japanese store that I custom-sewed so that they would be a better fit.

Some snazzy shirts from H&M. The stripes are very... Brandon.  Hehe... and I am loving the mint color these days.

Six new ties!  Actually, I sewed them so that they would be skinny ties, since that is Brandon's favorite style.

Notice something special about this closeup of one of the ties?  Panda and Lion!!! The perfect combo.  I mean, there are other animals on there as well, but I had to buy this tie for that reason alone.  Brandon says he will probably wear it on Saint Patrick's day.  LOL!  But he LOVED all the other ones and will probably wear them regularly.

Oils to burn from The Body Shop.  Brandon and I collect only the very delicious-smelling ones.

Some snacks that Brandon loves!  Sadly, I didn't get his favorite jerky this time around, but I am sure he will overlook that.

Of course, I also had to write him a sappy love note for his birthday, on the cutest stationery that I currently own. :-)

I know this picture is way random, but after I was done wrapping the presents, I captured this funny picture of Nabi, our cat.  He is soooo random and I always find him lurking in the strangest places in our house.  He was behind the door snuggled up to my panda slippers.  LOL!  

So anyway, in addition to opening gifts, Brandon's mom bought this delightful fattening cake from Sam's club and we stuffed ourselves.  As the night went on, we were craving pizza.  So we ordered some Domino's pizza that kinda made us sick because we ate too much of it.  I ended the night by giving Brandon a massage and he said it was the best birthday he ever had.  I was so happy to hear that.  :-)  I am truly grateful to have Brandon in my life.  He is everything to me, everything in the world!  I didn't take any actual pictures of us together (of course, UGH!!!) but anyway, we both had a wonderful time.  I was glad it turned out a million times better than last year.  Today, I even got to enjoy some leftover seaweed soup that Brandon's mom made (Korean birthday tradition), and it was ever-so delicious.  Also, we will be going out for a family dinner celebrating Brandon's birthday next week when all of our family members are off work.  Alright... well... I have got a lovely memorial day weekend ahead of us.  I also have minimal homework.  THAT NEVER HAPPENSSSS!!!! >___< Hehe so anyway, maybe I will read a book or watch Harry Potter or something like that.  Also, some of our awesome friends are going to Portland tomorrow, and Brandon and I are strongly considering going as well. SUPER FUN STUFF.  OH!!! Before I say goodbye, I will have you know that I got 100% on my math midterm.  For those of you who know me well, you know that this is unthinkable.  But it happened.  And yes, I am narcissistic and proud enough to bring it up.   Hehe... Talk to you later. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son


  1. Cute! Ash, your writing reminds me of Anne of Green Gables. I'm glad Brandon had a good birthday. We forgot to call, but we still thought of him.

    1. HAHA! Oh gosh KK. That comment made me laugh so hard. :-)

  2. It's so nice to hear about couples in love. :) Sweet gifts!

    (P.S. My sister married an Asian guy and they have the most ADORABLE child ever.)

    1. Thanks! I think he really enjoyed all the gifts. Awww, that is so awesome about your sister. Whenever I see Asian male/white female couples it makes me really happy. We are super curious to see what our kids will look like in the future. They do tend to be very cute. :-)

  3. I LOVE those oils from Body Shop. They're ddelicious.