Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Hand-Sewn Dress

Look!  I sewed this dress by hand!

My dress inspiration (Love Rain)....SO CUTE!  Maybe I will re-create this entire outfit someday when I am not so busy with school.

I used the material from this skirt to make the dress.  I just couldn't find any other suitable fabric.

Also...I made a matching hair bow, just in case I feel matchy-matchy.

Soooo.....I finally finished making that dress I was telling you about.  I know the picture is not the best quality because it was taken in super unflattering lighting, but I just couldn't wait to show everyone.  I didn't use a sewing machine or a pattern.  I hand-drafted and hand-stitched everything. :-)   Anyhow, I will take more official pictures of this dress in better lighting because this one does not do it justice.

Also... I have some big church news!  I was called to be a Young Women's adviser!  I am over the Beehives group (ages 12-13), which is a total dream come true for me.  I am so excited to interact with the young women.  They all seem so cute and sweet already. :-) 

In other news, today Brandon and I had some church friends over for dinner.  We wanted to get to know them better.  They were a lot of fun and had a lot in common with us.  Anyway... I also have some unrelated news.  Yesterday I went to campus again and took a whole bunch of pictures to show you.  I will post them another day, though. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son


  1. Wow! Hand stitched. It looks so cute! Congrats on your new calling. You will be great!

    1. Thanks KK! :-) I am super excited about it.

  2. Lovely owner, very natural match , I usually go to the c-cotton for my outfit .