Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Very Green Tour of Campus

Get ready for the most photos I have posted in one post EVER.  I had the opportunity of going to campus on the most perfect day ever and I walked around and snapped photos of practically everything.  It all turned out to be pretty green, I might add.  ALRIGHT, on to the pictures.

Oh....this wasn't at school, but I did snap a picture of some flowers the Mary Kay lady gave to me.  Hehe... off topic... but I just couldn't help but share it.

Alright, back to school....there was so much green to look at and plenty of shade to rest in.
Even the dandelions looked pretty.

Also, I have to note that while I was bending over and snapping photos of every style of leaf I came across, there was a random middle-eastern guy I kept running into, and he kept giving me "the look," aka he thought I was a little psychotic and camera happy.  It was pretty humorous. Oh my.  I really did look a little bit odd, so I don't blame him. for giving that look to me.  I did get quite the variety of leaves, I must say.

Leaf 1

Leaf 2

 Leaf 3

Leaf 4

Leaf 5

Leaf 6 

Leaf 7

Leaf 8

Also, some of the bushes were LOVELY!

I even found an all-blue garden.  It was really sunny and bright so it was hard to get a really good shot of it.

Scenery along the walking path.

These are weeds, I think.  Anyway, they look GORGEOUS.

Here is a close-up of the weeds.  They were everywhere, and looked more like flowers than weeds, but I could tell they were growing wild.

A shot of shade on the walking path.  This path winds like a maze all around campus, so it is always a very scenic stroll to each class.

I almost felt like it was summer instead of spring with how green everything looked.

This is a cool sculpture on campus...where I first ran into my middle-eastern friend.  LOL.  He was right behind the sculpture as I was snapping away.

The other side of the sculpture has this waterfall coming off of it.  Honestly, Instagram made it look a little ugly, but it looks really cool in real life.

These red bushes look like they belong in the autumn, but actually that is just the color of the leaves!

There is even this little mini-river next to part of the walking path.  My favorite!

The sky was so blue, and it was not too hot either.  It was literally the most perfect day I have felt in ages.

Almost anywhere on campus, you will have some sort of view similar to this.

I took some pictures around the gardens that were not tended to and were growing wild.  It was really cool.

More dandelions!
Leaves blowing in the spring breeze in the untended garden.

All these trees provided a lot of fresh air.  It was so good for both my body and soul.

The lighting was amazing as well.  Not too bright, and not too cloudy.

A very old tree.  It looked beautiful with its twisty trunk and large roots.

One of the campus buildings with the path next to it.

The Garden of Eden!!!

Since this picture was in direct sunlight it is hard to tell, but I was trying to take a picture of these bushes because they have pretty white blossoms on the branches.

Hmmmm....reminds me of Love Rain.  HA!  Ok I really need to stop obsessing.  But the cinematography really is that good.

More green.  Are you sick of my pictures yet?

This is a bunch of trees next to the parking lot. 

A tuft of grass.... I am not sure why I wanted to take a picture of it....maybe just to show how much green there is in Washington.

Yet another bench shot.  I like the restful vibe on campus and would not mind studying outdoors if I were attending more often.
A black and white shot of the trees.... kinda looks a little messy but I thought it was cool at the time.

This parking lot entrance has a huge tree in the center.  It looks quite majestic in real life.

Aaannnnd one last dandelion shot to finish off the pictures.

Well, I hope you enjoyed all the pretty nature I spotted on my last campus trip.  It truly was beautiful.  Some day I would like to take some pictures there with Brandon.  

Also....just an update on life, I am liking my Young Women's calling.  I do find that I have to utilize my time very wisely though, because I will not be able to finish my homework if I am not careful.  It is a time-consuming church calling but I went to the first activity with the youth two days ago and it was lots of fun.  The other leaders are all women I could totally be really good friends with, so that is another bonus.   In other news, Brandon's car has broken down, so we have had to dip into our house fund to get it fixed, and in the meantime we are driving a loaner car from the Subaru dealership.  SO ANNOYING!!!! But I am sure everything will turn out alright regardless.   Lately, I am struggling to get my assignments done on time.  I find that I have never spent this much effort on school, but my grades have been fairly decent. :-)  I can't wait to just get this school stuff over with.  I am just over halfway done.  I am really missing my family in Utah right now, but other than that, life is great. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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