Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Three Obsessions

Hi guys.... just taking a quick break from homework.  I have been incredibly tied up in school stuff lately.  But I will have you know it is all for the best in the long run, even if it means I don't get to do as many fun things.  I find that my free time is very precious now.  

That brings me to three things I am obsessed with lately, all of which I do in my free time (OH!  What do ya know?  Another list!):

1) Eating comfort food with Brandon... Today it was Trader Joe's Mac and Cheese (BEST EVER!!) and afterward we had the nicest ice cream I have had in a very long time.  If you have not tried Tillamook White Chocolate Raspberry Yum, you are truly missing out.  Brandon and I just about died of happiness eating that delightfulness.  Yesterday, it was raspberry Jello.  Hmmmm... hahaha I think I am just loving food that is good for the soul but not so good for the belly fat.

I did not take this photo, but I just had to show you what the carton of this ice cream looks like.  You MUST go to the store and pick some up.  NOW!!! I mean it.

2) Snoozing....since I feel so sleep deprived after working full time and going to school full time, sleep is very valuable to me.  I find that I naturally knock out the moment Brandon is ready to go to bed.  I also take mini naps after work to restore my energy so that I can do well on my homework.  Also....remember our cat, Nabi?  Well, he has somewhat taken a liking to me, since I play with him more, and so now he likes to take naps at the foot of my bed with me.  It is the cutest thing.  Nothing like a little bundle of joy with soft fur and a nice purr to make me sleep better.

3)  Maintaining my sanity with a good drama or computer game.... Yes, I am talking about mindless, awful stuff that some people might call "a waste of time," but has been my saving grace when it feels like my head will explode from too many algebraic equations forming in my head.  I like to give myself little breaks, and that means playing Tetris, or watching television drama episodes.  I am still loving Beauty and the Beast.  I kind of enjoy Hart of Dixie, although it is kind of a stupid show.  Haha.  Also, I have started watching Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo.  It is a JDrama that makes me giggle like a little girl since it is so freakin' cheesy.  I recommend it to someone going through school, since everything is majorly hilarious when your mind is full of facts that you really wish that you didn't need to remember.  Now, before you call me a couch potato (I totally am NOT) I have one more show that I started today, Granite Flats.  Thank you, Pretty Life Anonymous, for leading me to that show.  I really enjoyed the vintage clothes and makeup, as well as the story line that is not too dramatic, but definitely makes me want to find out more.  

Alright friends, that is all for tonight!  I just finished English homework but I have a mountain load of math to do.  I guess I will just have to save all that for tomorrow.  I am pretty much DONE.

Oh, by the way, if you have not entered my mustache necklace giveaway contest, you still have two more days! 

Anyway....I have a cute husband to hang out with.  Talk to you later! xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son


  1. OMG Ashleigh I went to the store and bought the Ice cream for my family it was a big hit. Thanks for the suggestion. Emilysmom1991

    1. It is to die for, isn't it? Brandon and I ate so much of it that we are kinda sick of it now, but it really is soooo tasty, I am definitely buying some on Brandon's birthday next month.