Thursday, April 4, 2013

Back from Utah

Well well.  I know this is a couple days overdue.  I got back from Utah on Monday.  But let's just say that I started school on Monday as well so things have been beyond hectic.  Ask Brandon.  I mean, I was a grump for about two days, and then yesterday I fell asleep at 6:30 pm and did not wake up until 8 o'clock this morning.  Wow.  So that just tells you.  Anyway, be prepared for picture time!

Hanging out in my parents' yard:

 Me enjoying the perfect weather.

 Kaelyn holding baby Elsie and Sarah talking to her boyfriend on her phone in the back yard.

 One of my cats that I miss.  Ignore the empty meat carton on the grass...

The view from the front yard.

On the morning of our sealing, March 31st:

 My mom bought red and white flowers for the occasion.

Red and white... reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

 A red bouquet...

 And a quick fashion spotlight...this lovely indigo dress is from Forever 21 and came with the black belt.  The heels are from 2Love and the crocheted black cardigan is from H&M.  I got so many compliments from friends and random strangers all day when I wore this dress. At least three girls asked where they could buy it.

Finally, our sealing arrived!:

 The weather could not have been more perfect... and the Mt. Timpanogos temple was beautiful.

 My little brother posing in front of the temple doors.

 A group photo of everyone who attended our temple sealing ceremony.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to share that with us.

 A photo of most of my best friends.  Aren't they all lovely?
(Chad, Hailey, Brandon, Me, MaryBelle, James, Erin, and DeeDee)

 Everyone in my immediate family.
(Sarah, Joseph, Kristen, Me, Brandon, Dad, Rachel, Mom, Kaelyn, Ashley, and Elsie)

The dinner celebration:

 We held a dinner celebration for the sealing.

 We served sandwiches! Hehe :-) They were so tasty.  In fact I wish I had those sandwiches right this minute.

 All the different meats and cheeses.... OH! And the bread was mostly from Kneaders, our favorite bakery.

On Sunday, we did a tour of the Conference Center in Salt Lake City:

 The outside of the Conference center has a waterfall on it.  So pretty!

 There was a great view of the Salt Lake Temple. 

 My dad and Elsie looked so cute!  Quick story, of the funniest things that happened on our trip was when Elsie was sitting on my dad's belly while he was lying down, and then he coughed, and she got really scared from the sound of it and from his belly moving.  So because she was so frightened she cried for like half an hour and her face was so red.  Haha!  I mean, I know that doesn't sound all that hilarious but trust me...I was laughing so hard my stomach was hurting.  Oh, the innocence of babies.  They don't know that coughing is nothing to be afraid of.

 The inside of the empty conference center.  It was so grand to behold.

 Everyone following our tour guide.

 Elsie got bored so she tried to grab my face.

 Then she tried to grab the camera.

 There were tons of flowers on the stand.  I love yellow, especially for flowers!

 Brandon and I posing in front of the flowers... actually the best part of this picture is Rachel relaxing on the side...haha

 We looked over a railing on the uppermost floor at the Conference Center to find this view.  it made Brandon and me weak at the knees.

 But it did look cool to have that huge mirror straight ahead.  I liked how everyone's silhouettes looked with the setting sun behind us.

 A view of the Conference stand from the uppermost floor.

 We took lots of pictures.  I was super impressed by the round architecture and the round lights added some more beauty to it.

 Also inside the Conference Center is a very impressive art gallery.  This was one of the many paintings that Brandon and I loved.  They also have portraits of all the prophets as well as their sculptures.  I had no idea all of this was in one convenient location.

 Then we made our way to the rooftop of the Conference Center.  From there was an even lovelier view of the temple than you could see from below.

 I feel like this would have been a great bridal shot.

 On the other side of the roof you could see a view of the State Capitol building.

 You wouldn't believe that this was a rooftop.  It was complete with trees and gardens, and even a few pretty fountains.

 It was so perfect!  We all enjoyed ourselves.

 Me and Rachel messing around.

 More of Rachel and me.

Brandon and I kissing with the sunset behind us.  It was so romantic.

 This is a view of the top of the waterfall that runs off the Conference Center. 

 If you ever tour Salt Lake City, don't forget to do a tour of the Conference Center.  It was pretty cool and only took about an hour.  We really enjoyed it.

On our last night in Utah:

 We stayed at La Quinta in Orem.  We were upgraded to a suite!  Oops, forgot to clear the counter before taking a picture.  Hehe....

 It was cute and much better than their other rooms.

 The best part about this hotel is that the bed was SO comfortable.  It was the best night's rest I had in a long time.

WOW!  That is really a truckload of pictures, right?  Well, I hope you enjoyed my little photo play-by-play of our Utah trip.  Brandon and I are both so happy to be sealed.  It was an unforgettable experience.  Talk to you soon!  Wish me luck with school... :-) xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son


  1. Yay! Glad it finally happened and we could be apart of it.

    1. Me too! It was so good to be with all my friends and family.

  2. Congratulations Ashleigh!
    What a special day. I actually was with Erin only days before this joyous occasion and they were all extremely excited for you.
    Once again, congratulations! It's amazing the blessing you and your husband will now receive from your faith of attending and being sealed in the temple :)

    1. Thanks for your heartfelt congratulations. It really was something special, and Brandon and I both feel the effects and blessings of being sealed. Somehow it is like everything is complete that needs to be done/ :-) <3