Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekends with Brandon

I must say, out of all the days of the week, I love Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the most.  I somewhat despise the monotony of the weekdays and how exhausted I feel after work.  I practically live for the weekend.  As I have mentioned before, Brandon and I have tried to do better about intentionally going on a date each weekend.  So yesterday, we went out to eat Mongolian Grill, bought groceries, came home, relaxed, then went out later to do our date activity.  We were going to go shopping/get some other errands done.  But on the way, I spotted Ikea, and asked Brandon if we could walk around randomly and enjoy the furniture before we got on with our shopping errands.  So Brandon spontaneously pulled over and we walked around Ikea.  I am so glad he doesn't always have to have a plan and we can sometimes just do random activities that seem appealing.  :-) We decided we want a small couch in our room one of these days so we can arrange the room to not have the TV right in front of our bed.  Until we purchase our new home, though, we are not going to make any such purchases.  We ended the night with only me eating Ikea hot dogs with a generous helping of mustard.  Brandon was still full from eating other stuff.  For some reason, hot dogs never appeal to me unless I am shopping at Costco or Ikea, or something similar.  They really aren't healthy, but I can't help it sometimes, you know?  Anyway, so we went on to buy the items we needed at the nearby mall.  Lo and behold, as soon as we got to the mall and stepped inside H&M, the fire alarm went off.  So everyone had to evacuate the mall and that was the end of our intended errands.  So we just went home and watched a few episodes of this awesome anime called "One Piece."  Ummm.... I know, that show is older than dirt, but I am a total anime newbie, so it is a grand and awesome and amusing show for me still.  Hehe.  Thanks to having an awesome husband who knows all about anime and stuff.  Anyway, Brandon and I are going to watch "UP" tonight, since he has never seen it and I just know he will love it.  I MISS YOU GUYS!  Sorry for being a very slackerish blogger.  Talk to you next time. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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