Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Week

In our family, we don't just do Valentine's Day in one measly work-day.  We draw it out and be romantic until the weekend is over.  So, technically, today is the last Valentine's Day.  Anyway, I took some fun photos of our romantic festivities.  Prepare to gag from cheesiness. :-)  Seriously, as if Brandon Tuesday and Ash Wednesday were not sappy enough.....

 Brandon left this adorable card on my laptop for me to find right when I got home from work.

 When I did get home and found the card, Brandon was fast asleep.  While he slept, I decorated his side of the bathroom mirror with a bunch of hearts, gift bows, and red dry erase marker.  He was very surprised when he woke up.

 I also sprinkled his side of the counter with homemade red confetti, lit a candle, set out some sexy haikus (to make him laugh), and remember those tulip petals that were on our bed?  I didn't put them to waste.  I formed a tulip heart right next to the haikus.

I also got him four gift bags filled with loving things... hahaha... he felt very overwhelmed.  But as I was setting out these gifts, he was baking some of the BEST cookies I have ever had.  Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies complete with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.  We had some friends over later that night that were all over those cookies.  I will have to convince him to do a blog post about them.  They really are that good. (Why didn't I take a picture...WHY??)

 So in the first gift bag was a romantic movie to watch together...The Time Traveler's Wife.  I am a huge Rachel McAdams fan, but I have never watched this all the way through and have always wanted to.  Brandon has not seen it at all.  I also got him one of those Twizzlers ropes.  You snack on while we watch the sappy movie.

 Also included in that gift bag was the rest of the snacks.  You know, it just would not be an official holiday without getting Brandon his favorite jerky in the whole universe.

 In the 2nd gift bag, I had two red for him, one for me, and 2 bleach pens.  We are going to decorate these shirts with the bleach pens... Then we will probably take pictures of us wearing our designed creations. :-)  I guarantee a post on that later, when we get around to doing that.

In the 3rd gift bag, I had a couple of miscellaneous items....A "Dating Bank"/cute piggy bank with hearts on it.  Whenever we get ideas for dates, we will put them in this piggy bank, and draw one out randomly if we can't think of anything to do.  Next, I threw in some Barbie pink nail polish (not for him, for me...) as a promise to attempt to be as girly as possible.  Lastly, I threw in Nivea Hibiscus body wash.  We have been searching ENDLESSLY for this product.  It may or may not be discontinued, but by some miracle, I ran across some.  This scent brings us back to our honeymoon days.  *Sigh* It smells so good. 

In the last gift bag, i put our favorite flavors of ice cream.  BEN & JERRY'S!!! Pistachio Pistachio, and Peanut Butter Cup.  We are both suckers for ice cream but have not bought this kind since summer time.  I thought it would be fun to add this to our holiday gluttony. 

So....a little bit about Valentine's Day.  The reason why we decided to extend it was because Valentine's Day ended up being on a Thursday, and we had both been working all day.  When I came home, Brandon was fast asleep, and did not wake up for a good three hours.  After I decorated his mirror, I was so tired myself.  So finally, he woke up and then I fell asleep.  I don't know at what point Brandon came back to bed, but all I know is we did not wake up until morning.  UGH.  So, our first Valentine's Day as a married couple was a complete flop thanks to total exhaustion.  I was very disappointed about that.  So we extended it and just filled the rest of our week with romance and appreciation.  Last night we had some friends over for a triple date.  We played a really fun game, and were laughing so hard we were almost crying.  We decided that the company was just what we needed to make our Valentine's festivities perfect.  It was a lot of fun.   It was kinda sad how tired we have been.  In fact, I have not seen Brandon so tired in one week almost our entire time we have been married.  I hope we are able to catch up on sleep and not have this tired feeling anymore.  Anyway, I am going to start getting ready for church, so talk to you guys later! xoxox 

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE THIS!!! So adorable and amazing. I love love love it.

    1. Thanks :-) It did end up being amazing! Yay for being with true loves for Valentines Day.

  2. Super creative and fun ideas! So fun to have a birds eye view!

    1. Thanks Jules! :-) Oh man, how are you doing lately? It has been a long time since I have talked to you.