Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ash Wednesday

Oh man.  You guys.... I have been so spoiled today.  Brandon definitely one-upped me for Ash Wednesday.  The minute I came home from work, I walked into our room....and GASPED!

Brandon had made the bed, and sprinkled the edges with tulip petals....He even made a little heart out of the petals too.  And lit a candle and burned some yummy oils so our room smelled lovely. *sigh* So romantic.

And he even made a cute little sign on the bed that says Happy Ash Wednesday. :-)

Then I went into our bathroom and just had to laugh....

Our tulips looked a little bit bare, but still very cute and beautiful....

By the way, while all this happened, Brandon was at a meeting at church, so he didn't get to see my reactions.  When he came home, I was so happy to see him.  To make matters even better, he brought me a hamburger.  He knows me so well.  How did he know I have been craving hamburgers lately?  Haha.  And he also made me a homemade Oreo vanilla milkshake.  That was just lovely.

Then, he did the dishes for me tonight.  Let me clarify, he often does the dishes if I am tired, but today I felt especially spoiled because #1, he looked absolutely handsome with that cute shirt that I love seeing him wear, and #2 he was being so helpful and not LETTING me do any of my usual daily chores that I find myself doing.  He was doing this with the intent of spoiling me...hehehe.  I feel so lucky to have this man in my life. 

Oh....did I mention that he also got me all this amazing chocolate?  I am a chocolate FREAK.  I especially love the Intense Orange kind (in the middle).

Just a funny shot of our calendar....

So....needless to say, we have both had a very love-filled week, complete with being spoiled to death.  Oh, and tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  How nice.  Since we both work tomorrow, it will probably be very low-key.  But anyway, I feel so blessed to have this time with Brandon.  I just feel so positive and happy and wonderful, complete with warm fuzzies....and I have felt this way all week.  I have been smiling non-stop.  Random to say this right now... but I am SO tired at the moment.  I need to go to sleep.  I hope you have enjoyed our ridiculous amounts of being lovey dovey.  :-) Talk to you soon. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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