Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Dr. Oz 3 Day Cleanse - Day 1

READERS!  I’m back.  It’s been a few days… I can’t believe it is 2013 already.  Brandon and I have not really written down our new years resolutions, but we do have some in mind.  One of our goals is to have better health and not continue with our bad health habits of last year.  January 1st, we did nothing different.  In fact we ate like gluttons as usual.  But yesterday, we started the Dr. Oz 3 Day Cleanse.  Just to break it down for you…. This is what we have been doing, and I have already lost a couple pounds after just one day of this cleanse:
First of all, we have not followed the cleanse instructions perfectly, but rather we have been doing what works best for our lifestyle.  Normally, Brandon and I follow the Leangains pattern of eating (except for the fact that we eat awful horrid unhealthy food as well as the stuff we should be eating)… I can expound on that later if anyone cares to know.  So this cleanse is temporarily a little bit different from what we are used to. 
Cleanse Day 1:
Breakfast (8:15 am): 

We followed this recipe exactly, except we doubled it since there are 2 of us (of course).  My advice would be to cut the bananas into 1 or 2 inch sections and freeze it the night before.  Our smoothie ended up being a little warm.  In fact, I might even suggest freezing half the raspberries you are using, just for that added coldness.  The taste was not half bad.  In fact in my opinion it was yummy.  Of course, Brandon and I will eat anything and are not picky when it comes to fruit and vegetables.
We also made some red tea with lemon.  I bought the lavender kind.  We skipped the stevia since it is really not needed for our taste buds.  It turns out lemon isn’t the yummiest with lavender.  So I would really recommend just getting plain double red rooibos. 
During breakfast, we also took a handful of vitamins and probiotics.  We both have different vitamins.  I take a multivitamin, biotin, St. John’s wort, Super B complex, salmon oil, and a probiotic pill.  Brandon has other stuff he takes.  WARNING!!! Don’t try to swallow pills with these smoothies or else you will more than likely gag!
Lunch (4:30 pm):

No, I do not recommend having lunch at 4:30.  But Brandon and I have jobs, and had to work, so we had to wait to get home to use our blender.  We modified this recipe slightly.  Once again, the recipe was doubled for two of us.  We read too many icky reviews about how the celery was way too chunky and disgusting, so we just juiced the celery.  On top of that, we had some extra baby carrots that we wanted to juice, so we added that to our smoothie and substituted that for part of the almond milk.  Also, we melted the coconut oil before we added it to the blender.  We also added a little bit extra kale, for good health.  Let me tell you, the first taste of the smoothie was a little different, but we ended up really liking it!  It made a lot more smoothie than the breakfast one. 
We took the rest of our vitamins since some of the pills were half servings.
We skipped the snack smoothie altogether.  It was just not going to work for us since we had a very late lunch.  In fact, that lunch smoothie was MORE than enough to hold me over until dinner.
Dinner (8:30 pm):

I am aware that our eating schedule is a little bit crazy, but we do the best that we can with our schedules.  Anyway, for the dinner smoothie, we doubled the recipe and Brandon added a small container of Nancy’s Greek Yogurt for some added protein.  This little addition did make the blender a little bit full.  But once again, we drank all of it.  The taste at first was very strange.  It seems like it gets progressively more awful with each new meal.  But we did end up liking this smoothie after the initial taste shock.  Not bad, but I probably would never make that smoothie again after the cleanse is over.
After Dinner:
We filled up our giant bath tub with hot water and doubled the Epsom salt and lavender oil.  It smelled lovely and was so relaxing we were practically falling asleep in the bath.  Haha.
BONUS:  I gave Brandon a foot massage with the lavender oil before bed. 
My thoughts on the entire thing so far?  Brandon and I definitely want to start incorporating smoothies into our diet.  I have a new liking for kale.  :-) Also… the best thing to do is distract yourself with activities to avoid thinking about cooked food.  Brandon and I watched “Protect the Boss,” and were too busy laughing to think about our hunger.  We also took a nap.  Actually this whole cleanse thing made me drowsy for the last half of the day.  Additionally, I had a bit of a headache because my body is not used to such nutrition!  I allowed myself to drink as much water as I wanted.  That ended up helping a little bit with the headache.  One thing I did enjoy was the fact that I passed out like a baby and slept really well.  Also, my body still smells so lovely from the lavender bath.  I would not mind taking a bath more often.  I have realized that half the stuff I am “hungry” for is not really necessary.  Even Brandon has realized this too. *GASP* Haha jk.  But seriously.  We were dwelling on cheeseburgers and pizza and buttered popcorn and all kinds of fatty/delicious stuff, despite the fact that we were filled to the brim with smoothie and could not possibly stuff anything more into our mouths.  We both admitted that we are total gluttons for thinking this way.  We are already missing regular food, but are FOR SURE going to make some radical diet changes so this cleanse will not be in vain.  Although this is not a weight loss diet, it is inevitable that you will lose a few pounds along the way.  I can’t complain.  I have to admit I am glad since my belly had lots of extra fat on it from the holidays and already it looks a lot less bloated.  ONE DAY LATER. Awesome.   
Alright, you have probably heard more than enough of my ramblings.  So far, I am ok.  It is Day 2 now, but I will give you the full update tomorrow.  Have a lovely day! xoxox
~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son


  1. Sounds yummy I guess haha! :P NO THANKYOU!!!! wont be doing that Diet haha! :P Proud of you my Besty for trying it out and succeeding <3 <3 Hugs!!!

    1. Thanks Rene! HUGS!! It was so worth it but sooo hard. :-)