Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Dr. Oz 3 Day Cleanse - Day 3

Whoohoo! The madness is over!  I am happy to say that Brandon and I both had discipline enough to get through the cleanse.  We both lost weight (awesome) but have been a little too excited to get back to food today.  At least the food we have eaten so far has been healthy.  Yesterday (Day 3) of the cleanse was the most torturous day yet, as far as craving food goes.  I mean, SERIOUSLY!  All I could think about the entire day was food.  Anyway, we did do one thing different on Day 3 that was not part of the cleanse, but we do not regret it at all and feel wonderful.

Cleanse Day 3:

Breakfast (8:15 am):

We did the same thing as Day 2 (doubled the recipe of the smoothie), except for the fact that we decided to refrigerate the bananas.  I cannot even tell you how much of a difference it made.  The smoothie was at least twice as delicious with cold banana.  We also had Red Tea with lemon again as well as our vitamins.  Let's just say it did not hold me over for long, but thankfully I was able to take my lunch break at 4 so I could go home early.

Lunch (4:30 pm):

You know you are deprived when you look forward to this smoothie with all your heart.  LOL.  For this meal, we doubled the recipe of the smoothie and added lots of extra kale and some spinach too.  We love our greens!  We also had the rest of our vitamins.  Sadly, we felt like zombies from this moment on.  Seriously, nothing could be done about it.  We were so weak.  But we did manage to go to the store to pick up some stuff we needed.  Unfortunately, everything was a blur, and I hardly remember anything that happened yesterday.  When we got home we tried to distract ourselves with video games and surfing the internet, but just could not stop the hunger pangs from striking.  So we *had* to have dinner a little bit earlier.

Dinner (7:30 pm):

We figured we would just make a really big dinner shake so we would not need a snack shake.  We followed the original recipe (doubled) but reduced the coconut water a little bit so we could make way for 2 small containers of Nancy's Greek Yogurt.  Also, since the avocado I had purchased was rotten, we just added a generous spoonful of almond butter instead.  It tasted much better this way.  I drank this smoothie slower than any of the other smoothies even though I was hungry.  We were both so sick of smoothies, and not chewing anything.  It was sad, because even after I ate dinner I was looking at pictures of food online and imagining that I was eating all of those lovely meals.  LOL.  Pathetic, I know.

After Dinner:

We took our lavender bath.  It was really nice.  After that, we were just soooo tired.  I passed out right away.  In the meantime, we were both incredibly starving to death since we had missed our snack shakes for the past three days.  Brandon was even rolling around in bed in pain and couldn't sleep as I passed out from the sheer starvation mode. Then Brandon woke me up at midnight for a wonderful treat.

Brandon: Ashleigh... you should have some yogurt and diced apples with flax seeds.  I just had some.
Me: But I'm tired.  And I can't think or move. 
Brandon:  Trust me.... you won't regret it.  And it's totally healthy.
Me:  I suppose Dr. Oz would not disapprove since we have skipped every snack shake.
Brandon: Exactly.

Soooo... we went downstairs and my sweet Brandon kindly diced up a Jazz apple and put it in greek yogurt with a spoon full of ground flax seeds.  It was the BEST!!!!!  I felt so energetic and not unhealthy at all.  I suppose it may look like we were like cheating, but hey, we both lost weight and feel wonderful today.  That night, I slept like a baby.  It was delightful.

Conclusion?  This cleanse was definitely energy-sapping at the time.  But today I felt better than I have for a long time.  I believe good health = good emotional wellness as well.  My mind felt so clear today.  Plus, it is enjoyable to not feel so bloated or congested all the time.  BUT!!! I could never live that way permenantly.  We are going to incorporate a smoothie a day (probably the lunch one with raspberries added) since we do like the health benefits.  I suppose that will do. :-) Overall, the cleanse was worth it.  We are NOT going to spoil all we have worked for by eating unhealthy things now... hehe... at least not for a while.

Today, I was happy to eat lovely squid first thing in the morning from this Asian shop that just re-opened, Pal Do.  I was sooo missing meat, I have to admit!  For lunch we made steak seasoned with olive oil, garlic salt, and pepper.  We topped that with sliced cooked mushrooms and a sprinkling of turmeric.  We also cooked stir fry vegetables (the big bag from Costco) with a couple dashes of Chinese Black Vinegar.  Just lovely.  Oh.... and also some roasted peanuts on the side.  For dessert we had Cuties clementines and sliced mango.  Ok, I will admit we ate the mango before lunch was done cooking.  Gosh, we did eat kind of a lot, but I really feel great.  Food is such a blessing.  I have decided one large meal a day is enough, and the rest of the time it is comfortable to snack on healthy things and just have a very light dinner.  I tried to be thorough and honest in describing our cleanse experience.  If anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer them. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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