Friday, January 4, 2013

The Dr. Oz 3 Day Cleanse - Day 2

So…yesterday was Day 2 of the cleanse we have been doing.  I have to say, it was a LOT harder than the first day.  I believe Day 1 was easier because the food from the day before was still sustaining us.  But Day 2, there was nothing to rely on.  We were both very tired and out of it.  We were so out of it that we were laughing at everything.  Even stuff that wasn’t funny.  Also, Day 2 we were running to the bathroom a lot more.  I suppose that is the point of a cleanse.  The smoothies were a lot harder to drink quickly.  One good thing was, my headache was not there anymore.  Also, our bellies looked a lot less bloated than normal.  The best part was, my sinuses have been feeling very clear instead of blocked.  Brandon lost a bit of weight.  So did I, but not so dramatically as when Day 1 was over.

Cleanse Day 2:

Breakfast (8:15 am):

We just doubled the exact recipe listed on the previous post.  It was yummy, but we forgot to freeze the bananas, so it was still a warm smoothie…aka not my favorite.  We took all our vitamins straight after as well as our Red Tea with lemon.  This time around, I got a lot hungrier by the time lunch rolled around.  Also, I had to stay a little bit extra after work.  ROAR.  I could have died.  All I could think about was cooked food.

Lunch (5:00 pm):

We doubled the recipe on the previous post.  This time around, we did still juice the celery, but didn’t add carrot juice.  It was really yummy in my opinion.  For all those complaining about the lunch smoothie on the reviews, I guarantee it is because you did not juice the celery.  We added lots of extra kale since we were both starving, but not starving enough to make a snack smoothie.  We took the rest of our vitamins right after lunch.  We both kept ourselves busy playing video games, surfing the internet, and watching some KDramas.  I am telling you guys…. “Protect the Boss” is where it’s at.  Lots of distraction.  Until you happen to notice that one of the main characters is eating a lovely looking steak for dinner.  It was beyond torturous.  Also, I have to admit it did not help to come home to the smell of homemade Korean soup cooking on the stove. T.T
We skipped the snack.

Dinner (8:30 pm): 

By the time dinner rolled around we were absolutely ravenous.  We followed the recipe exactly from the previous post (doubled) except that we added extra kale and a small container of Nancy’s Greek Yogurt.  Somehow, even though I was so hungry, it was hard for me to drink this smoothie quickly.  We were both a bit sick of the taste of smoothies.  And the dinner one happens to be our least favorite.   But it is the most filling, thankfully.  I felt a bit grumpy after looking around the kitchen and not being able to avoid the sight of other more delicious food.  Delicious bread rolls (Brandon even made me smell them, just so we would both be wallowing in self-pity about our dire situation), popcorn kernels with VERY appealing packaging (a picture of buttery popped popcorn), chocolate oranges sitting on the counter.  Even just plain carrots sounded delicious.  Then Brandon and I started to dream aloud about various foods.  Sushi, Steak, Pho, Prawns, Hamburgers, Cheese, Pasta, Popcorn with Nutella… It just kept getting more and more ridiculous.  Yes, my mouth is watering a little just typing this.  To say the least, we felt so tortured at dinner time.

After Dinner:

We took our lavender bath.  It was our saving grace.  It felt so nice.  By this time, we had zero energy.  It was the perfect bath.  Unfortunately, after our bath, I found myself passing out right away.  Not even enough energy for ANYTHING.  No lavender oil massage.  Sorry my sweet Brandon… We were both very tired.

Other thoughts on this cleanse?  I believe the effects are worth the trouble of three days.  I feel a lot healthier besides the fact that I am so tired from having nothing really with substance.   I see why this is meant to be a cleanse, and not a full-on diet.  I am so excited to get back to eating normally but with healthier habits.  Once again, I am loving kale!  And just vegetables in general.  I have not been put off by the copious amounts of greens in our smoothies.  In fact, it is only copious because we kept adding extra greens to our smoothie on purpose.  One more thing, I realize how much fun it is to prepare a meal together, even if it is just a silly smoothie.  I enjoy “eating” with Brandon every single meal.  It brings us closer together in a way.  I want to do that more often, since sometimes we just kinda snack all day and rarely have an official meal together.  I am SOOO loving the deep sleep I have been getting.  Even if it is merely because of exhaustion.  But still, I have had lovely vivid dreams about me visiting my family in Utah and having lots of fun traveling with Brandon.  It was such a shame to wake up.  Haha.  Well, that is enough about Day 2.  Today is Day 3, or should I say, THE LAST DAY OF TORTURE!  Kidding but not kidding.  I will let you know how it all goes.  So far… it is as good as can be expected. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son


  1. Hey Ashleigh,
    I wanted to say thank you for that lovely note you left on my blog. That was really nice. I have to say that the feelings are mutual when I agree with you about wishing to have gotten to know you better in high school. It looks like you are having the time of your life and happy to boot, which is fantastic!
    I'll be excited to read your blog (just added you to my google reader's feed)
    Thanks again :)

    1. Thanks to you as well for an equally nice comment. :-)