Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Silky, Shiny, and Smooth Hair

Well well.  Today I have some news.  I bought some original Brazilian Blowout formula (yes I am aware of the controversies behind the product.  Don't judge me.) and did the Brazilian Blowout procedure on both Brandon and me.  For those of you who do not know what this is, it is a smoothing hair treatment that lasts for up to three months (but lets be honest, it will probably last about 2 months).  Brandon said it is comparable to Japanese thermal straightening, but the BB experience was a lot more positive for him.  Let me tell you.  First I did Brandon's hair last night.  And I didn't do mine yet.  Well, today he looked so smokin' hot with his perfectly pin-straight and shiny hair that I got jealous and decided I HAD to do it to my hair too.  So I did it all by myself on my own hair.  Don't ask me how.  But I did it.  After my eyes burning like crazy and breathing in all kinds of toxic fumes (not to mention lots of eye-watering), the result was worth it.  My hair is now silky and baby soft with lots of glossy shine.  It is the same texture as when I was 10 years old, aka, the best my hair has ever been.  Remember how soft and smooth hair is when you are a kid?  Yes, this stuff really works.  I have to say, I am thankful to Julie Kaye (my hairdressing mentor) for introducing Brazilian Blowout to me.  She would probably be shocked and horrified that I did it on myself since it is risky and unavoidably painful, but hey, I do not regret it one bit.  It turned out lovely and I didn't miss any strands of hair.  I guess now we will have to see how long the results will last.  :-) Maybe after I wash it and style it properly, I will take a picture for you. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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