Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sick Day

Brandon and I have decided to start a new tradition where we go on a date every single Saturday.  This means that every Friday all of our weekend errands and housecleaning chores will be done by Friday night.  Then on Saturday we will have the entire day to ourselves to go do a fun dating activity.... maybe go roller skating, rock climbing, mini golfing, etc. Then!! Eat at an unhealthy yet delicious restaurant.  Last week was a perfect example of our new custom.  Wanting to do something similar this weekend, Brandon and I did all our grocery shopping and deep cleaning yesterday.  Well... except for laundry (dang it!  I still need to do that!).  However... starting at early hours of the morning I noticed Brandon had a cough, and obviously could not sleep so well.  Poor thing.  This did put a damper on our dating plans a bit.  But that is not the end of the world since we ended up having a great day together anyway.  Sooooo....I decided to *try* to help him to recover.  This is some of the stuff we have been doing to help him get over this cough:

1) I made some hot lemon water, which was just 1/2 a lemon sliced up thinly and put into a coffee pot with about a liter of water.  I insisted that he drink some to get some vitamin C in his body.

2) I made a *secret recipe* of homemade cough syrup.  Actually, it only consists of 1 Tablespoon of honey mixed with a generous dash of cayenne pepper.  Tastes a bit icky, but really cuts down the coughing.  Note: Raw honey is best, but we did not have that on hand and regular organic honey worked fine.

3) I gave him a foot massage with Mentholatum, then put his socks on to let it soak in as he slept.

4) When he awoke in the morning, I made him swallow a clove of garlic (a natural antibiotic) just like you would swallow a pill.  It was cut in half to avoid choking to death.

5) I noticed that I also wasn't feeling too hot today.  We both drank Emergence C drinks.  Or Airbourne is the same kind of thing.  Once again, to get vitamin C into our bodies. 

6) Brandon made some lavender red tea for both of us, which helped us relax and wind down a bit.

7) We have been eating citrus fruits like crazy.  Clementine cuties, fresh-juiced grapefruit (thanks honey!), and then.... for added citrus.....(below, #8)

8) Tonight Brandon made some lemon ginger tea.  It is basically just a lemon sliced up, with lots of peeled and sliced ginger with very hot water.  LOVELY.  And cleansing, I might add.

9) I have been trying to give Brandon some massages, especially on the neck area, where he feels particularly uncomfortable.

10) We slept today.  A LOT.  Both of us.  Sad that I feel so groggy now, but I think that sleep helps recover the worst of sicknesses.

11) I bought Brandon some Wolfgang Puck's organic Chicken and Wild Rice soup.  Brandon watered it down a bit and added some cayenne pepper.

12) We made sure that Brandon drank a gallon of water today.  Hydration is key to recovering from anything.

13) BONUS!!! We did end up going on our date today (Our activity was to watch/sleep through a very cheesy LDS movie called "Beauty and the Beast" at home.  Haha!! Worst acting ever, but so fun to watch).  We went to Jasmine Mongolian Grill and tried to avoid having noodles.  Instead, we replaced the noodles with lots of sprouts and zucchini.  Not to mention Brandon added A LOT of spicy sauces and garlic.  We heard that eating spicy food will help him to recover faster.  I suppose that we should not have done this, but we did eat ice cream afterward.  And dairy is definitely not recommended when you are sick.  But come on!  We couldn't resist.  We bought some Tillamook ice cream.  Two kinds: Vanilla Chocolate Chip and Mudslide.  Yes, we were craving chocolate.  And also, we bought some Jello Chocolate Pudding Cups.  Oh man.  We may or may not have overdone it today.  And maybe that ruined our health efforts.  But we justify it by saying ice cream and chocolate is good for the health of the mind.  HAHA.  Oh... and then when we got home we were snacking on Red Vines licorice.  What is wrong with us?? LOL!

Ok, so that is enough for now.  I have slept too much today and feel so very out of it.  I think I am definitely a bit sick too, but definitely not what Brandon has (at least I hope not).  ARGH!!! Good night dears! xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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