Sunday, December 30, 2012

New PJ's and Temple Trip

I absolutely adore Saturdays.  Today Brandon and I slept in, ate lots of bread and other junk food, and watched our current favorite KDrama, "Protect the Boss." Here is a cute song from the drama's soundtrack for you to enjoy.

Also, Brandon has never been to the temple before, so we went to the Seattle Temple together.  After that, we ate Jack In The Box burgers and went shopping.  Randomly, we found some very cute panda pajamas and I could not resist buying them.  Here is a picture:

Yes, I am aware that my phone pictures are not the best quality.  But seriously!!! Footie pajamas with pandas.  And I LOVE pink.  It is kinda my color.  These are the best for a cold winter night.  Anyway, I am going to get off my computer now, but I couldn't resist showing you guys my new pj's. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Writers Block

You guys... I know.  I know.  I know.  I am terrible lately.  I have not kept you in the loop nearly enough this month.  But the truth is, I have had writers block.  I don't know why.  But don't worry.  It can't last that long.  Thanks to my dear husband for encouraging me to blog every day... I have finally taken the bait and decided to write. 

Brandon: Honey.... aren't you going to blog?
Me: Err.....maybe.
Brandon: But I'm your number 1 fan!  You have to.
Me: AWW!! alright! ^____^

Anyway, I have somewhat an interesting story to tell you.  I got pulled over the other day.  By a cop on a motorcycle.  SO I was going 10 mph over the speed limit (it was 30) on a downhill.  BIG DEAL.  Just kidding.  But actually, the whole time I have worked there, I have thought the speed limit on that road is 35.  In fact, this road IS 35, except for this small strip of road by the car dealership. Who would have known???  I have always gone between 35-40, no worries, right?  WRONG! I was a bit irritated for a few reasons:

1) I was literally 1 minute away from work.  It was on the street I work on!
2) In Utah, if you get pulled over for a minor speed such as that, they will let you off with a warning.  Not here.  This guy was HEARTLESS.
3) I just happened to get pulled over on the day after Christmas.  At 8:56 am... the prime time where everyone is trying to get to work on time and traffic is a bit crazy.
4) Worst of all, the cop was clearly trying to meet his quota.  He was hiding in a parking lot of a car dealership just past one of the busiest intersection complete with a crazy green arrow that switches to yellow and red in no time at all.  EVERYONE tries to beat that yellow light.  The next day, I saw him crouching behind some cars again and pulling over some other poor unsuspecting citizen on his way to work.  To me, I think it is wrong to hide in a parking lot at 8:56 am, when people are trying to get to work.  I would understand if he did it only once, but the fact that I saw him in the exact same parking lot the next day at the exact same time pulling over the same kind of speeder, it really irritated me.  In my opinion, that just screams "LAZY!"  Like really, can't he be more productive and find someone who ACTUALLY is a danger to traffic?
5) I glanced out my work window about 3 times to see THIS SAME COP pulling over 3 other people.  In the same spot of course.  I wanted to scream out my window at him.  Now, just note that this is out of character for me to have this kind of urge. 
6) I was going with the flow of traffic, and none of us were being overboard.  Plus, there were people going faster than me who did not get pulled over.  I just happened to be the last one in line where this cop could whip out of the parking lot to pull *ANYONE...JUST ANYONE* over.
7) Honestly and truly... pulling over someone who is IN NO WAY being reckless on the road... that will NOT teach them a lesson.  Just makes cops a little more unpopular when it is unnecessary.
8) The cop claimed that the reason why he couldn't let me off is because there were some complaints about excess speeding on this section of road.  So he HAD to patrol it.  Lame excuse, buddy.  I highly doubt that someone in such an industrial area phoned in a complaint to the police station for that!

I am all for upholding the law.  Except if it involves me!  Heh heh, I am kidding but not kidding.  But I do believe that cops would be better utilized in schools rather than patrolling uselessly in parking lots, etc. It is like... just cheap and quick ways to rip money off the public.

So after that I had a miserable feeling inside me all day.  I forgot my cell phone at home and had to go through great lengths to get a hold of Brandon and let him know.  FORTUNATELY when I got home he sensed my stress and misery.  He told me it was ok.  Also, he bought me flowers.  After I got pulled over!!!! Now, THAT is true love. 

Pretty right?  He said he had to get eggs from the store but then he tricked me and got flowers! :-)

Then... I made homemade guacamole and Brandon made the best belgian waffles I have ever had in my life.  We decided to combine the two, just for fun.  Actually it was DELICIOUS, even though it may look a little strange.  OH and by the way, he posted the recipe for the waffles, as well as a homemade pizza recipe on his blog.  Just saying!!  You should check it out.

Oh.... and this is really random, but Brandon and I have a new favorite red tea to recommend:

Ginger Peach!  Oh, it is just LOVELY.  We have been drinking it like crazy.

As for today, it was really nice because Brandon visited me at work.  This rarely happens, so I was thrilled.  He makes even the bleakest of times fun.  I am very grateful for the time he sets aside for me.  Alright!  Well that should be enough drama for now, right? ;-) Talk to you later. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas and a Gift Guide

Hi my lovely readers.  I hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas.  I just wanted to show you the rest of mine and Brandon's Christmas presents.  We are very thankful to our family and friends who spoiled us rotten!

Oh my.  This picture is overwhelming isn't it?  Well, here is what all our lovely family and friends gave us.  Leg warmers, grey and black leggings, Utah Truffles (now Brandon's absolute favorite chocolate, by the way.)  Green and black's chocolate, a flashing LED light in case we get stranded somewhere, a festive snowflake tie, SD cards, Flash drives, a new very cute grocery list notebook, cologne, perfume, panda licorice, hot chocolate mix, movie tickets, Target and Macy's gift cards, UGG boots (the really cute black ones with the buttons on the side), The Holy Temple (book), environmentally friendly cleaning wipes (for our glasses), Southwest Airlines tickets, The Ensign conference edition, In Search of Heaven (book), An adorable sign to hang in our home, a baking cookbook, A Doctrine and Covenants study guide, and a back stretcher.  WOW!  Thanks to everyone who spoiled us to death.  Also, thanks to my sweet husband for buying such thoughtful things.

I also got a very healthy dose of Hello Kitty items.  I mean.  It is ridiculous how much I love Hello Kitty.  Anyone who knows me at all knows this.

My new Christmas stocking.  If you push the button on the ear, it plays a high-pitched Christmas carol! CUTE!

A TY beanie baby key chain for my lunch box. :D

Hello Kitty footie pj's, HK fake nails, a new HK bag for work, a HK mug, and cute and comfy HK pj pants to lounge around in.

Seriously! I love all of this!  I feel so spoiled.  Spoiled to DEATH.  GRR! haha.

Now, for my "gift guide?"  No it is not really a gift guide, but just what I bought for my family in Utah.  All of these shipped alright, with the exception of the wrapping paper ripping a little bit in shipping.  

For my entire family:

Lindt truffles (a whole box full), Last Word (board game), A box of English Toffee, and Elf (movie).

For my Dad:

The Gigantic Book of Sudoku (his favorite game), and The Giant Bathroom Reader.  I wish I got him more cool stuff.  Definitely next year...

For my Mom:

Macy's gift certificate, The Help (book), and some DELICIOUS vanilla Red Tea.

For Kaelyn: 

Stationery (to keep in touch), a fan (for church, when it gets too warm), her favorite shortbread cookies from the Asian Market, a sterling silver heart necklace with a small diamond on it, and Pocky.

For Ashley (my super awesome brother-in-law, married to Kaelyn):

Hi-Chews (his favorite candy), South African Double Red Rooibos (he is from South Africa), and Pocky. :-)

For Baby Elsie (My cutie pie niece):
 Three stuffed bears, Goldilocks and Other Stories (book), a kitten hat, and 3 frilly headbands.

For Sarah (age 19):

A few Korean masks, A Sudoku book, Pocky, Stationery, A fan, and Lavendar Nail Polish.

For Kristen (age 17):

Dark Blue Nail Polish, a Fan, Stationery, Korean masks, and Sudoku Book.

For Joseph (Age 15):

Pocky, a new winter hat, Calvin and Hobbes (book), Sudoku book, Ramune gummy candy, hi-lighters (for marking scriptures or for coloring comics), Stationery, and a Whoopee Cushion.

For Rachel (Age 11):

A Sudoku book, Hello Kitty PEZ keychain, Quick Milk chocolate straws, a Fan, Stationery, and Pocky.

Whew!  This was kind of a long post.  It was the perfect first Christmas with Brandon though.  He made delicious waffles for breakfast and everything.  I have to go now.  My family is waiting to watch a Christmas movie.  MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone, and I hope I gave you all some good gift ideas. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's Been A While

Oh dear.  I believe my laziness has got the best of me.  It feels like it's been a while since I have posted.  Anyway.... let's first start off with the 9th Day of Christmas presents:

I got Brandon a wallet... in this lovely nice leather box.  Unfortunately his mom just gave him a new wallet.  So this will be the backup one.  Haha.  

But is is reeeallly nice.  Real leather and it even came with a key chain.

Brandon got me my favorite cheese bread from "The Rock." I didn't take a picture of it, but I can assure you, it was delightful.  For those of you who think that is kind of a weird gift, it is DEFINITELY a treat for someone like me.

The 10th Day of Christmas was a little more fancy:

The one on the left is for me, the one on the right is for Brandon.  Yes, I do re-use gift bags from various stores.  LOL.  It's called being green.

Brandon got me a digital photo frame.  SO AWESOME!  Now when I am dying of frustration at work I can look over at this nifty frame to see lots of pictures of the ones I love.

And I got Brandon about $50 worth of his favorite jerky.  Seriously, I give him this jerky on every special occasion.  In fact, I find excuses to buy it for him as often as possible because he loves it so much.  He rarely gets it himself because it is not really a necessity.  But it tastes so good!  I like to see him happy so this is my go-to food gift.

The 11th Day of Christmas was also pretty nice.

I got Brandon lots of Asian biscuit sticks.  Various flavors.  He ate some of them so I didn't get them all in the picture.  We are verrryyy healthy in this family.  *sarcasm*

Brandon got me some Express ReRock barely boot cut jeans.  I purposefully didn't take a picture since he actually has bought me quite a few clothes and I want to model them for you!  Just fyi, they are all SUPER CUTE. 

On the 12th Day of Christmas....

Brandon got me this entire book set of "Little House On the Prairie."  Not only am I a huge fan of the TV show, but I have secretly been dying to own all these books.  How does he know me so well???

I got Brandon this set of tan comfortable cushions with armrests. We placed them on the end of our bed for more comfortable video game playing and KDrama watching.

I also got Brandon this fluffy and comfortable (royal) robe.  Haha. 

We actually both got each other a few articles of clothing, but I hardly pictured any of them.  Don't worry.  I will show you later.  After Christmas, I will also show you what things I got for my family.  Just for fun.

Also, the other day we went to a friend's house in our neighborhood for a Christmas party.  We really had a lot of fun!  We played "White Elephant," where everyone exchanges gifts.  We ended up chatting with some new people and getting a nice soft snowflake-patterned throw/blanket.  Brandon is now asleep on our bed with it draped over him.  He looks so cute that I had to take a picture.  Sorry, but that is for my eyes only.  Hehe, I think he would not appreciate me posting such things.  ^______^ Anyway guys... I will try not to let myself go too long before my next post.  I think the holidays are getting the best of me.  I just feel more tired and exhausted with migranes, so I have been avoiding the computer.  But I do plan on being a better blogger.  It is really fun for me.  I have appreciated making new friends that I never would have met before had I not started this blog.  I don't know if you noticed, but my blog has a new look now, that is more relevant to its theme.  Hope to see you all sticking around for more.  Until later... xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gingerbread Decorating Tonight

I have a couple of pictures for the past couple of days.  Looks like I am becoming perfectly comfortable with blogging every other day instead of every day.  Now... beware because I have a load of pictures to dump.

Last year, Brandon and I started a tradition of decorating ginger bread men.  It is so fun to see how it will turn out.  Usually it is something totally unpredictable.  Tonight we tried to make the gingerbread people look like each other.  HAHAHA oh my.
Oh, but I am getting ahead of myself.  I didn't even write about the 7th Day of Christmas from yesterday yet....
 As you can see, our wrapping jobs were so eloquent... NOT.  The top one is for me and the bottom one is for Brandon.

Brandon got one of my favorite pictures enlarged on a canvas.  It is now hanging over our bed (The picture will be posted soon.  IT LOOKS CUTE!)

I got Brandon 7 healthy drinks that he loves... or at least I hope he loves all of them.  Cutie juice and coconut water.  We are both really into healthy drinks like that.

Then today... for the 8th Day of Christmas, we didn't even wrap our gifts.  Do you see a deteriorating pattern here?
 Brandon and I went shopping and found this perfectly PERFECT trench pea coat.  It is the perfect coat, and I will model it later for you guys. There were other coats as well, that I will picture later.

I got Brandon some new pens, since all of ours are running out of ink, annoyingly.  Also when we went shopping we bought some shirts and cardigans for Brandon.

Also, I just wanted to show you how cute the Hello Kitty PJ set Brandon got me is.  I AM IN LOVE! They are so soft and cozy, not to mention adorable.

Randomly, I also bought a bunch of nail polish today from Walgreens.  Ha ha.  I loved all of these colors, and each bottle was only 99 cents!  I wonder which one I should use first?

 ALSO... Last but not least, it was my little sister Kristen's 17th birthday yesterday.  I LOVE YOU KRISSY!  You are beautiful, smart, kind, and treasured.

Whew!  This blog post was just ALL OVER the place.  And probably the most random one yet.  But anyway, I am very drowsy.  Also, Brandon and I are both super sugared-out from eating too much candy and cookies and sweet things.  We even drank more ginger ale today as we were decorating our gingerbread men.  It was funny, because the gingerbread man set came in a 4-pack, from Costco.  But we only decorated 2 of them, then Brandon was curious how they tasted, so he took a bite of one of the gingerbread men that we didn't decorate.  Apparently, it isn't really like a cookie at all.  And it wasn't the most tasty, so he threw away the rest.  MAN!  Brandon was wearing one of the new shirts I bought him, and he looked so hot.  I have such an attractive husband.... :-) Alright my dear readers.  Good night for now. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Hi folks. 

I will keep this post short since I just spent quite some time designing my new blog banner.  It was one of those days where I wish we had an extra weekend day.  Oh wait.  That is ALWAYS the case.  But anyway... here are our photos from our 6th day of Christmas:

 The one with the bow is for Brandon, the one below is for me. :-) SAME WRAPPING PAPER! :-)

 Brandon got a couple of my favorite movies for me.  I ADORE Harry Potter like none other.  It is surprising that I didn't own this set already.  Also, we both love "Elf."  Favorite Christmas movie ever.

 I got Brandon some hi-lighters for his scriptures.  I know, much less fancy than the gift he got me... but these hi-lighters are HI QUALITY.  Yes that was a lame pun.

We ended with a toast of ginger ale... to our marriage.  So romantic.  The perfect end to a not-so-perfect day.  I love Brandon very much. :-) xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Fantastic Weekend

I wish today would never end.  It was awesome.  Brandon and I started out the day by going to Mongolian Grill.  It was soooo good, since we have not had it for a very long time.  I had beef, lamb, and squid as my meats with spinach noodles.....with green and red peppers, zucchini, carrot slices, sprouts, spinach, onions, and bok choy as the vegetables.  It really hit the spot!  I wish I took a picture since it was very appetizing.  Anyway, after that we shopped around for food and a white elephant gift for a party we will be going to next week.  Then we came home and ate like pigs... AGAIN.  I mean, people think they are gluttons during Thanksgiving?  Well, we are incredibly greedy in December lol.  I ate twizzlers licorice, the kind that you pull apart.  I haven't had that for ages, and it was DELICIOUS.  I also had hot chocolate.  Then Brandon made this creation:

Lets just say it involved heavy whipping cream, nutella, and a few other crazy and unhealthy ingredients.... topped with sugary kids cereal.  UGH I was so sick afterwards.  But it was worth it.

Then we did our 5th day of Christmas presents:

The one on the left is for me, the one on the right is for Brandon.

Brandon got me some Hello Kitty pj's... How I LOVE that color :-)

I got Brandon things having to do with inside jokes we have.  I got him various different kinds of animal jerky (buffalo, alligator, elk, and wild boar), Mickey Mouse band-aids, a basketball piggy bank, a lion snow globe, and honeydew lip balm.  

We have just been relaxing and having fun today.  It has been perfect.  I think everyone needs a day like this!  xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Past Two Days

Just wanted to catch up with our "12 Days of Christmas" tradition that Brandon and I have been doing.  I also have a sweet story to tell you first.

I was having a horrible day yesterday.  I went to work feeling beyond crappy.  I was alone at work and I was just cleaning up before leaving.  I got a phone call from Brandon, asking me when I was leaving work.  I told him in just a couple minutes.  I locked up and crossed the street, walking to the parking lot in the dull grey lighting of the day.  I felt someone's presence behind me, but I didn't turn around, since many people walk on the sidewalk and it is awkward to turn around to see who is behind you.  Suddenly I heard a familiar voice talking behind me, saying, "LOVE YOU MOST." I spun around, shocked.  Brandon was standing behind me with a bouquet of a dozen red roses and a sweet little note card.  I actually teared up because I was so touched.  I felt so blessed to have a husband who is so observant and knew I was feeling down and just wanted me to feel loved and happy.  He is just wonderful! 

Then we had our little "3rd Day of Christmas" ceremony.

The round one is for me, and the Victoria's Secret bag is for Brandon.

Brandon got me some Fireberry tea... Rooibos based, of course.  I am really excited to try some.  He knows me way too well.

I got Brandon 3 new ties.  He loves the slim cut, which is my favorite anyway.  It looks so charming on his perfect figure. :-)

This is our cat, Nabi.  He kinda hates me but loves me at the same time.  This picture was just too funny.  He looks so guilty by all that torn wrapping paper, I couldn't resist sharing.  XD

Today, as I read the news about the elementary school shooting, all my problems I was experiencing from yesterday seemed like a grain of sand.  I was heartbroken to hear about such evil.  I wrote a post before this one talking about it.  Other than that, the day was pretty much the same as always.  We did do the "4th Day of Christmas" ceremony.

Today's wrapping was anything but eloquent, because our theme of the day was "Unhealthy food."  

LOOK AT ALL THIS JUNK FOOD.  Goodness, we are going to hate ourselves later.  Mini Rolos, Asian store Onion Rings,  Fruit Jellies, Pepero sticks, A giant case of Ferrero Rocher original chocolates, 3 different kinds of dark chocolate bars, Hawaiian Rolls, Ginger Ale, White Cheddar Cheez-It's, Cookies n' Cream Fat Boy Ice Cream Sandwiches, Chocolate Pirates Booty, and New York Pizza Pirates Booty.  I am surprised we are not fat tubs of lard since we eat food like this!

Brandon ate 8 of these Fat Boy Ice Cream Sandwiches.  OH MY GOSH.  And I took a really funny picture of him eating it, but I wouldn't post it since it was just too hilarious/unflattering.  Hehe.  We were laughing so hard about it until our abs hurt.

Yes, these are the wrappers from those Ice Cream Sandwiches.  There is a reason why he is known as "The Gluttonous Panda."  LOL.

Soooo.... that is how our day went. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son