Saturday, December 29, 2012

Writers Block

You guys... I know.  I know.  I know.  I am terrible lately.  I have not kept you in the loop nearly enough this month.  But the truth is, I have had writers block.  I don't know why.  But don't worry.  It can't last that long.  Thanks to my dear husband for encouraging me to blog every day... I have finally taken the bait and decided to write. 

Brandon: Honey.... aren't you going to blog?
Me: Err.....maybe.
Brandon: But I'm your number 1 fan!  You have to.
Me: AWW!! alright! ^____^

Anyway, I have somewhat an interesting story to tell you.  I got pulled over the other day.  By a cop on a motorcycle.  SO I was going 10 mph over the speed limit (it was 30) on a downhill.  BIG DEAL.  Just kidding.  But actually, the whole time I have worked there, I have thought the speed limit on that road is 35.  In fact, this road IS 35, except for this small strip of road by the car dealership. Who would have known???  I have always gone between 35-40, no worries, right?  WRONG! I was a bit irritated for a few reasons:

1) I was literally 1 minute away from work.  It was on the street I work on!
2) In Utah, if you get pulled over for a minor speed such as that, they will let you off with a warning.  Not here.  This guy was HEARTLESS.
3) I just happened to get pulled over on the day after Christmas.  At 8:56 am... the prime time where everyone is trying to get to work on time and traffic is a bit crazy.
4) Worst of all, the cop was clearly trying to meet his quota.  He was hiding in a parking lot of a car dealership just past one of the busiest intersection complete with a crazy green arrow that switches to yellow and red in no time at all.  EVERYONE tries to beat that yellow light.  The next day, I saw him crouching behind some cars again and pulling over some other poor unsuspecting citizen on his way to work.  To me, I think it is wrong to hide in a parking lot at 8:56 am, when people are trying to get to work.  I would understand if he did it only once, but the fact that I saw him in the exact same parking lot the next day at the exact same time pulling over the same kind of speeder, it really irritated me.  In my opinion, that just screams "LAZY!"  Like really, can't he be more productive and find someone who ACTUALLY is a danger to traffic?
5) I glanced out my work window about 3 times to see THIS SAME COP pulling over 3 other people.  In the same spot of course.  I wanted to scream out my window at him.  Now, just note that this is out of character for me to have this kind of urge. 
6) I was going with the flow of traffic, and none of us were being overboard.  Plus, there were people going faster than me who did not get pulled over.  I just happened to be the last one in line where this cop could whip out of the parking lot to pull *ANYONE...JUST ANYONE* over.
7) Honestly and truly... pulling over someone who is IN NO WAY being reckless on the road... that will NOT teach them a lesson.  Just makes cops a little more unpopular when it is unnecessary.
8) The cop claimed that the reason why he couldn't let me off is because there were some complaints about excess speeding on this section of road.  So he HAD to patrol it.  Lame excuse, buddy.  I highly doubt that someone in such an industrial area phoned in a complaint to the police station for that!

I am all for upholding the law.  Except if it involves me!  Heh heh, I am kidding but not kidding.  But I do believe that cops would be better utilized in schools rather than patrolling uselessly in parking lots, etc. It is like... just cheap and quick ways to rip money off the public.

So after that I had a miserable feeling inside me all day.  I forgot my cell phone at home and had to go through great lengths to get a hold of Brandon and let him know.  FORTUNATELY when I got home he sensed my stress and misery.  He told me it was ok.  Also, he bought me flowers.  After I got pulled over!!!! Now, THAT is true love. 

Pretty right?  He said he had to get eggs from the store but then he tricked me and got flowers! :-)

Then... I made homemade guacamole and Brandon made the best belgian waffles I have ever had in my life.  We decided to combine the two, just for fun.  Actually it was DELICIOUS, even though it may look a little strange.  OH and by the way, he posted the recipe for the waffles, as well as a homemade pizza recipe on his blog.  Just saying!!  You should check it out.

Oh.... and this is really random, but Brandon and I have a new favorite red tea to recommend:

Ginger Peach!  Oh, it is just LOVELY.  We have been drinking it like crazy.

As for today, it was really nice because Brandon visited me at work.  This rarely happens, so I was thrilled.  He makes even the bleakest of times fun.  I am very grateful for the time he sets aside for me.  Alright!  Well that should be enough drama for now, right? ;-) Talk to you later. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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