Wednesday, December 5, 2012

This Is Killing Me

Ok you guys.... have you ever been waiting and WAITING for a really awesome song to come out?  Well, I have been waiting for months for a (high quality) FULL music video of this song to come out.  It is seriously bugging me to no end!  I mean, I need this song in my life!  Seriously!!!

All the full versions on Youtube and other websites are very fuzzy and annoying. So therefore I only have this to hold on to. What I love about this song is that... it is KPop stars singing Japanese.  DOUBLE WHAMMY of awesomeness!   I have been a Shinee fan since 2010... during the worst breakup of my life.  The only thing that brought me distraction from the sadness I was feeling was listening to "Hello" over and over.  That and my amazing family and friends (of course).  But I have to say, ever since that time I have had a special attachment to Shinee.  Their music is so upbeat.  I really recommend you listening to a few of their songs to help cure a broken heart.  Blast it in your car instead of playing Tokio Hotel on repeat, and I guarantee you will feel much better. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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