Monday, December 10, 2012

Secretive Stuff Going On

Today was a day that I bought some of Brandon's Christmas presents.  And I can't exactly tell you what they are, because he reads my blog, and that would ruin the surprise.  But I will tell you, it is a combination of practical, manly, awesome, good quality stuff, and some other things that are ... less regal, but definitely have to do with some inside jokes we have.  Man, I think my favorite part of Christmas gifts is shopping for him.  He is someone who I really want to get nice things for all the time.  Seriously, he makes anything look good, but I always try to make sure that I get him the best available items possible.  I hope he likes all that I picked out! >___< Also, today I bought some baby clothes for a young mother in our ward.  They are so cute!  It makes me wish I had kids so I could buy some cute baby clothes and things... hehe.  Well, I found out one of my friends got back from her LDS mission in Seoul, Korea.  Welcome back, Amanda McClellan! 

 A cute picture of Amanda... that I stole from her FB, naturally.

Me and her go waaay back.  All the way to awkward 8th grade.  Haha.  Same goes for most of my friends..... :-) Oh... and I HAVE to give a shout out to my awesome sister, Kaelyn.  She wrote the cutest post on her blog, complete with pictures of me and her as little kids.  LOL!  Kaelyn and I really were so close growing up, and we still are.  I just love her so much. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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