Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas and a Gift Guide

Hi my lovely readers.  I hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas.  I just wanted to show you the rest of mine and Brandon's Christmas presents.  We are very thankful to our family and friends who spoiled us rotten!

Oh my.  This picture is overwhelming isn't it?  Well, here is what all our lovely family and friends gave us.  Leg warmers, grey and black leggings, Utah Truffles (now Brandon's absolute favorite chocolate, by the way.)  Green and black's chocolate, a flashing LED light in case we get stranded somewhere, a festive snowflake tie, SD cards, Flash drives, a new very cute grocery list notebook, cologne, perfume, panda licorice, hot chocolate mix, movie tickets, Target and Macy's gift cards, UGG boots (the really cute black ones with the buttons on the side), The Holy Temple (book), environmentally friendly cleaning wipes (for our glasses), Southwest Airlines tickets, The Ensign conference edition, In Search of Heaven (book), An adorable sign to hang in our home, a baking cookbook, A Doctrine and Covenants study guide, and a back stretcher.  WOW!  Thanks to everyone who spoiled us to death.  Also, thanks to my sweet husband for buying such thoughtful things.

I also got a very healthy dose of Hello Kitty items.  I mean.  It is ridiculous how much I love Hello Kitty.  Anyone who knows me at all knows this.

My new Christmas stocking.  If you push the button on the ear, it plays a high-pitched Christmas carol! CUTE!

A TY beanie baby key chain for my lunch box. :D

Hello Kitty footie pj's, HK fake nails, a new HK bag for work, a HK mug, and cute and comfy HK pj pants to lounge around in.

Seriously! I love all of this!  I feel so spoiled.  Spoiled to DEATH.  GRR! haha.

Now, for my "gift guide?"  No it is not really a gift guide, but just what I bought for my family in Utah.  All of these shipped alright, with the exception of the wrapping paper ripping a little bit in shipping.  

For my entire family:

Lindt truffles (a whole box full), Last Word (board game), A box of English Toffee, and Elf (movie).

For my Dad:

The Gigantic Book of Sudoku (his favorite game), and The Giant Bathroom Reader.  I wish I got him more cool stuff.  Definitely next year...

For my Mom:

Macy's gift certificate, The Help (book), and some DELICIOUS vanilla Red Tea.

For Kaelyn: 

Stationery (to keep in touch), a fan (for church, when it gets too warm), her favorite shortbread cookies from the Asian Market, a sterling silver heart necklace with a small diamond on it, and Pocky.

For Ashley (my super awesome brother-in-law, married to Kaelyn):

Hi-Chews (his favorite candy), South African Double Red Rooibos (he is from South Africa), and Pocky. :-)

For Baby Elsie (My cutie pie niece):
 Three stuffed bears, Goldilocks and Other Stories (book), a kitten hat, and 3 frilly headbands.

For Sarah (age 19):

A few Korean masks, A Sudoku book, Pocky, Stationery, A fan, and Lavendar Nail Polish.

For Kristen (age 17):

Dark Blue Nail Polish, a Fan, Stationery, Korean masks, and Sudoku Book.

For Joseph (Age 15):

Pocky, a new winter hat, Calvin and Hobbes (book), Sudoku book, Ramune gummy candy, hi-lighters (for marking scriptures or for coloring comics), Stationery, and a Whoopee Cushion.

For Rachel (Age 11):

A Sudoku book, Hello Kitty PEZ keychain, Quick Milk chocolate straws, a Fan, Stationery, and Pocky.

Whew!  This was kind of a long post.  It was the perfect first Christmas with Brandon though.  He made delicious waffles for breakfast and everything.  I have to go now.  My family is waiting to watch a Christmas movie.  MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone, and I hope I gave you all some good gift ideas. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son


  1. They have ramune flavored gummy candy???? I must find this now. I love going to the Asian market in Orem and getting ramune and meme sauce!

    1. Yes! There is Ramune flavor. It is so delightful. My brother's favorite. I bet if the one in Orem doesn't have it then Ocean Mart in Sandy will have it? By the way Kayla, long time no see! You are looking adorable.