Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's Been A While

Oh dear.  I believe my laziness has got the best of me.  It feels like it's been a while since I have posted.  Anyway.... let's first start off with the 9th Day of Christmas presents:

I got Brandon a wallet... in this lovely nice leather box.  Unfortunately his mom just gave him a new wallet.  So this will be the backup one.  Haha.  

But is is reeeallly nice.  Real leather and it even came with a key chain.

Brandon got me my favorite cheese bread from "The Rock." I didn't take a picture of it, but I can assure you, it was delightful.  For those of you who think that is kind of a weird gift, it is DEFINITELY a treat for someone like me.

The 10th Day of Christmas was a little more fancy:

The one on the left is for me, the one on the right is for Brandon.  Yes, I do re-use gift bags from various stores.  LOL.  It's called being green.

Brandon got me a digital photo frame.  SO AWESOME!  Now when I am dying of frustration at work I can look over at this nifty frame to see lots of pictures of the ones I love.

And I got Brandon about $50 worth of his favorite jerky.  Seriously, I give him this jerky on every special occasion.  In fact, I find excuses to buy it for him as often as possible because he loves it so much.  He rarely gets it himself because it is not really a necessity.  But it tastes so good!  I like to see him happy so this is my go-to food gift.

The 11th Day of Christmas was also pretty nice.

I got Brandon lots of Asian biscuit sticks.  Various flavors.  He ate some of them so I didn't get them all in the picture.  We are verrryyy healthy in this family.  *sarcasm*

Brandon got me some Express ReRock barely boot cut jeans.  I purposefully didn't take a picture since he actually has bought me quite a few clothes and I want to model them for you!  Just fyi, they are all SUPER CUTE. 

On the 12th Day of Christmas....

Brandon got me this entire book set of "Little House On the Prairie."  Not only am I a huge fan of the TV show, but I have secretly been dying to own all these books.  How does he know me so well???

I got Brandon this set of tan comfortable cushions with armrests. We placed them on the end of our bed for more comfortable video game playing and KDrama watching.

I also got Brandon this fluffy and comfortable (royal) robe.  Haha. 

We actually both got each other a few articles of clothing, but I hardly pictured any of them.  Don't worry.  I will show you later.  After Christmas, I will also show you what things I got for my family.  Just for fun.

Also, the other day we went to a friend's house in our neighborhood for a Christmas party.  We really had a lot of fun!  We played "White Elephant," where everyone exchanges gifts.  We ended up chatting with some new people and getting a nice soft snowflake-patterned throw/blanket.  Brandon is now asleep on our bed with it draped over him.  He looks so cute that I had to take a picture.  Sorry, but that is for my eyes only.  Hehe, I think he would not appreciate me posting such things.  ^______^ Anyway guys... I will try not to let myself go too long before my next post.  I think the holidays are getting the best of me.  I just feel more tired and exhausted with migranes, so I have been avoiding the computer.  But I do plan on being a better blogger.  It is really fun for me.  I have appreciated making new friends that I never would have met before had I not started this blog.  I don't know if you noticed, but my blog has a new look now, that is more relevant to its theme.  Hope to see you all sticking around for more.  Until later... xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son


  1. I love the new look! So cute! And I miss you, Ash. I'm glad you're enjoying your new neighborhood.

    1. Awww I miss you too dear. I am for sure visiting you guys in January!