Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gingerbread Decorating Tonight

I have a couple of pictures for the past couple of days.  Looks like I am becoming perfectly comfortable with blogging every other day instead of every day.  Now... beware because I have a load of pictures to dump.

Last year, Brandon and I started a tradition of decorating ginger bread men.  It is so fun to see how it will turn out.  Usually it is something totally unpredictable.  Tonight we tried to make the gingerbread people look like each other.  HAHAHA oh my.
Oh, but I am getting ahead of myself.  I didn't even write about the 7th Day of Christmas from yesterday yet....
 As you can see, our wrapping jobs were so eloquent... NOT.  The top one is for me and the bottom one is for Brandon.

Brandon got one of my favorite pictures enlarged on a canvas.  It is now hanging over our bed (The picture will be posted soon.  IT LOOKS CUTE!)

I got Brandon 7 healthy drinks that he loves... or at least I hope he loves all of them.  Cutie juice and coconut water.  We are both really into healthy drinks like that.

Then today... for the 8th Day of Christmas, we didn't even wrap our gifts.  Do you see a deteriorating pattern here?
 Brandon and I went shopping and found this perfectly PERFECT trench pea coat.  It is the perfect coat, and I will model it later for you guys. There were other coats as well, that I will picture later.

I got Brandon some new pens, since all of ours are running out of ink, annoyingly.  Also when we went shopping we bought some shirts and cardigans for Brandon.

Also, I just wanted to show you how cute the Hello Kitty PJ set Brandon got me is.  I AM IN LOVE! They are so soft and cozy, not to mention adorable.

Randomly, I also bought a bunch of nail polish today from Walgreens.  Ha ha.  I loved all of these colors, and each bottle was only 99 cents!  I wonder which one I should use first?

 ALSO... Last but not least, it was my little sister Kristen's 17th birthday yesterday.  I LOVE YOU KRISSY!  You are beautiful, smart, kind, and treasured.

Whew!  This blog post was just ALL OVER the place.  And probably the most random one yet.  But anyway, I am very drowsy.  Also, Brandon and I are both super sugared-out from eating too much candy and cookies and sweet things.  We even drank more ginger ale today as we were decorating our gingerbread men.  It was funny, because the gingerbread man set came in a 4-pack, from Costco.  But we only decorated 2 of them, then Brandon was curious how they tasted, so he took a bite of one of the gingerbread men that we didn't decorate.  Apparently, it isn't really like a cookie at all.  And it wasn't the most tasty, so he threw away the rest.  MAN!  Brandon was wearing one of the new shirts I bought him, and he looked so hot.  I have such an attractive husband.... :-) Alright my dear readers.  Good night for now. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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