Saturday, December 1, 2012

First Day of December

Well well.  Hello there!  Just had a great day with Brandon.  It seems like every single Saturday we feel the need to cram as much bread into our system as humanly possible.  We started out with waking up at 9 am to help some new people in our neighborhood move in.  They are SO nice!  I am really excited to get to know them.  They also have 3 adorable little girls.  :-) It was fun carrying light boxes and then letting the men do the hard work while I hung out with the girls. (I swear I am just kidding!  I just was not very capable of carrying the very heavy boxes.) HAHA.  Then we went to the chiropractor, since we both have messed up backs.  Afterwards, we went to Target, and THAT is where the fun started.  I really wanted to put a little Christmas tree in our bedroom since we have kind of a big room and it is a tad bit empty.  And Brandon could see that I really was excited about this, so he totally humored me.  We bought a little tree for our room, some red garland, a small string of lights, and some colorful round ornaments.  Unfortunately I forgot to get a tree skirt too, but actually I did not see one that suited my taste.  So anyway, as soon as we got home I set up our little tree.  IT LOOKS SO CUTE!!

And notice the AWESOME Christmas lighting reflecting off the walls....

A view from a little further back.  Hmmm kinda looks the same as the picture above.  Heh heh.

Our pretty little star on top of the tree :D

Close up of ornaments and the garland... Hard to see since I am not a camera whiz yet >__<

After that, we just relaxed at home for a bit.  We have been snacking on terrible things, consisting of bread, Nutella, and pretty much anything else chocolate.  Lol.  Then we dropped off my car at a repairman's house.  Hmmmm our day sounds dull but it was really quite fun!  I just love days when I can be with Brandon instead of at work.  Plus, all this Christmas stuff is lovely.  It is really heartwarming to make our own little traditions.  xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son


  1. Yay for Christmas time! I LOVE it when the tree goes up. We have a little 4 foot tree from when we had our little apartment...

    1. Hehe... that sounds so cute! Have you and Ash put it up yet?