Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Time Is Near

My oh my.  I could not think of a creative title for my blog post today.  Oh well.  The past couple of days have been very exhausting.  I love how the holidays are amazing, but they do bring a different kind of stress, like picking gifts for everyone...and a few other things.  Brandon and I have Christmas on our mind.  Not to mention buying homes.  But still.  We are just very tired right now.  But it is not a bad thing.  I officially mailed off all of our Christmas cards yesterday.  I also wrapped and mailed off my family's gifts.  Then I helped Brandon wrap his family's gifts since he does not exactly have the secret touch of wrapping gifts and it takes him four times longer than it takes me.  Haha.  The one thing I can beat him at.  Just kidding. ;-) Here are a couple of shots...

Gifts I mailed to my family in Utah...

Oh, by the way, turns out flat rate mailing is a RIP OFF at the post office.  So I ended up just buying the largest box available at the post office and sent it off by weight.  Not including the shipping materials, it ended up being about $17 to mail all of these gifts to my family.  SCORE!  Now, I just hope it all arrives in one piece.  And also, just a little tip for you... but when you go to the post office, they do give you the highest price first, hoping you will fall for that.

Post Office Girl: Alright, to have the package overnighted is $62.24.
Me: I don't want it overnighted.  Just normal mail is good.
Post Office Girl: Ok... so like... for $32.21 it will get there next week.
Me: I want the very lowest price available please.
Post Office Girl:  Alright *barely audible* $16.29.
Me: YES!  That is more like it.  
Post Office Girl:  Do you want insurance on that?
Me: NO!

Haha... so there ya go.  I mean, I trust that they will not lose the package, and if I send everything else normal mail and it turns out fine, why would my gifts not?  Oh man.  Now I am making myself nervous. Heh heh.  But actually I really did not buy anything breakable for my family.  Worst case scenario, a few of the snacks I got them might get shaken around too much and break.  And the wrapping paper might get a bit ripped from being bumped around.  But you really can't avoid that whether it is Overnight or regular mail.  So there.

Brandon's family's gifts.  Next to our adorable mini tree.

For my family, I put everyone's gifts all in one package.  For Brandon's family, we wanted each thing wrapped individually since they are not being mailed out.  And the more presents everyone gets to rip open... the more fun! XD

Also, our Christmas cards were just adorable this year!  I was pleased to find them, since they stood out to me right away at the store.  The photo we chose to use is the one in my facebook profile picture.  I know I am kinda spoiling part of the surprise for those of you who are getting a Christmas card, but actually there is much more to our card than this photo.  So don't worry, there is more to come, loved ones!

We liked this "Be Merry" design.... but there was also an honorable mention, which I printed off a copy just for me... same photo... the one below:

It printed off SO CUTE!  But we liked having the full color in the photo.  Maybe next year we will try something different.  It was actually fun to do cards this year.  I have never done them before, but thought it would be a nice tradition to start.  The actual cards that held the photo were GORGEOUS.  I wish I took a picture of them before I mailed them off, but oh well.  No big deal.  I even wrote personal messages on each card and bought Christmas stamps and everything, just to go all-out.  I had a lot of people who I was not able to buy gifts for this year, but I was really thinking about them and wanted them to know that, so Christmas cards just seemed like the perfect solution. 

Tonight, Brandon and I are attending a church Christmas party.  We are bringing rolls and Brandon's famous fruit tarts.  Everyone is going to love them!  Apparently we are supposed to dress up like we are in Bethlehem, or something like that, but we don't really have any costumes like that, so we will just be boring and wear normal clothes I think.  It is also a food drive, so I just think that is a fun and creative way to help other people.  :-) *sigh* I just love Christmas time. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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