Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Fantastic Weekend

I wish today would never end.  It was awesome.  Brandon and I started out the day by going to Mongolian Grill.  It was soooo good, since we have not had it for a very long time.  I had beef, lamb, and squid as my meats with spinach noodles.....with green and red peppers, zucchini, carrot slices, sprouts, spinach, onions, and bok choy as the vegetables.  It really hit the spot!  I wish I took a picture since it was very appetizing.  Anyway, after that we shopped around for food and a white elephant gift for a party we will be going to next week.  Then we came home and ate like pigs... AGAIN.  I mean, people think they are gluttons during Thanksgiving?  Well, we are incredibly greedy in December lol.  I ate twizzlers licorice, the kind that you pull apart.  I haven't had that for ages, and it was DELICIOUS.  I also had hot chocolate.  Then Brandon made this creation:

Lets just say it involved heavy whipping cream, nutella, and a few other crazy and unhealthy ingredients.... topped with sugary kids cereal.  UGH I was so sick afterwards.  But it was worth it.

Then we did our 5th day of Christmas presents:

The one on the left is for me, the one on the right is for Brandon.

Brandon got me some Hello Kitty pj's... How I LOVE that color :-)

I got Brandon things having to do with inside jokes we have.  I got him various different kinds of animal jerky (buffalo, alligator, elk, and wild boar), Mickey Mouse band-aids, a basketball piggy bank, a lion snow globe, and honeydew lip balm.  

We have just been relaxing and having fun today.  It has been perfect.  I think everyone needs a day like this!  xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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