Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Dream Home We Looked At

Today was kind of different than usual.  Brandon, his family, and I went to look at some new homes.  We hope to buy a house.  Maybe it won't be soon, maybe it will.  But today... I walked through a dream home of mine.  I stole some of the pictures off of this website, because I did not actually take pictures today.  But this home is AWESOME.

 The outside looks simple and cute.

 The entrance.  I am already impressed with the rounded doorways and wall detailing.

 The kitchen had a nice open plan, right next to the living room.

 Another angle of the kitchen.

 The pretty living room! The columns!!!

 Formal dining room... but maybe we would use that for another purpose.

 Master bedroom...with a fireplace.  How romantic!

 Floor plan for the main floor.

Floor plan for upstairs.

Anyway... yes, I may have also fallen for the strategic interior decorating in the model home as well.  It really was lovely.  Also, the pictures don't do it justice.  It is much prettier in real life.  We liked another floor plan as well, but I will spare you the details on that one since that was more of a realistic choice than this house.  *sigh* Well.... I can't help but wish the time came already to buy a new home, but we will wait for a while longer.  I just couldn't resist showing you guys this house.  UGH I want it so bad!! 

In other news... Brandon is exhausted again.  I got plenty of sleep yesterday since I went to bed at like 8 o'clock and didn't wake up until morning.  But he went to bed late again.  We reaaallly are not the best at the whole "consistent sleeping schedule" thing.  We were going to play Monopoly but I got side-tracked and had to take a shower for 50 minutes... and then poor Brandon fell asleep waiting for me.  

Oh... and thanks to my dear friends for their sweet comments on my post yesterday.  That really was the most exhausting day I have known in a very very long time.  It meant a lot to have uplifting comments and I will have you know today was a lot better and my energy level is much more heightened.  :-) xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son


  1. THAT HOUSE!!!! wow. just wow. Want want want want want. Haha and from someone who is a geek about interior decorating (me), this house is just so fabulous!!!

    1. I know! It was absolutely swoon-worthy. It might be just out of our reach though T.T But it's ok. I can fall in love with it... right? haha

  2. The rounded doorways are my favorite. What a beautiful home!
    xo TJ

    1. I know. I really hope we can get it, or at least something similar. :-)