Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Christmas Tree Skirt

Soooo... you know how yesterday I was kinda bugged that I didn't have a tree skirt for our mini Christmas tree in our room?  Well... we looked around at some stores and did not find any to our satisfaction.  So therefore, I decided to make my own, that would match my style.  I actually made it from a polo T-shirt that I never wear any more.  And it matches perfectly with the ornaments.  YAY!

 Ok, I know the tree skirt is way too wrinkled in this pic, but I wanted a good shot of the tree without the lights on.  Isn't it so cute!?

 The tree skirt on the tree... it is a little blurry, but you know... I am still learning this whole camera thing.

 A decent picture of both the tree and the tree skirt....FINALLY the tree is complete!

I sewed little red buttons on the skirt with light green thread.

A super close-up of the material used with the buttons and my terrible hand stitches... :-)

Alright.... MAYBE this is the last you will hear about my tree.  Only just maybe.  I am a little bit obsessed at the moment.  I even had dreams about Christmas trees last night.  LOL!  Wow.  So anyway, Brandon is passed out right now.  He really needed some sleep.  I feel so sorry for him since he has been going to bed way too late for the past few days and he is officially beyond exhausted.  Unfortunately, it is only 9:42.  And I am not even close to tired yet.  And he will probably wake up at 3 am and not go to bed until 6.  Oh my.  It is sad but true.  We both need to adopt better sleeping patterns.  xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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