Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why I Love Journaling

Today on my break at work I decided to journal (in my real handwritten leather journal) about the Vegas trip Brandon and I went on.  It has really been a long time since I have written in my journal.  I noticed I only have one page left to write in!  Sad day!  But anyway, I started looking at all the old entries, starting from the beginning.  I started this particular journal a couple weeks after I met Brandon.  We each used to journal every single day and then on our weekly Skype dates, we would read our entries to each other.  Also, every time we visited each other we would trade journals, just to switch things up. There were SO MANY great entries.  It is hilarious to look back on what I used to freak out about, or how much I would read into things way too deeply.  I drew lots of funny comics about mine and Brandon's dating days.  I would think of worst case scenarios and draw funny cartoons about them in my journal.  Even if I didn't have anything to say that day, I would FIND something to say.... something random.... ANYTHING.  Reading about each experience today, I started tearing up remembering how much all of it meant to me.  I had forgotten a lot of things already, and it hasn't even been two years since I started the journal.  Each moment that I wrote about, no matter how silly or stupid or meaningless I thought it was while I was writing it, has become a treasure to me.  I think once in a while I might share on this blog an entry from my old journal days.... with a few modifications if the entry is a bit too personal.  I was laughing so hard about some of the stuff that I was crying!  AT WORK!  So that just tells you how awesome it is to keep a record of life as it comes.  It really makes me want to do better.  At the moment, I hardly even do one journal entry a month, besides my blogging.  And lets just be honest, I can only be so open online for the whole world to see.  I would even go so far as to say that keeping a journal aided in my falling in love with Brandon even more.... especially when I heard the entries he wrote about me.  It just about melted my heart! <3 Oh man, I can't even tell you.  Brandon drew a funny cartoon at the beginning of each of his entries.  I just think reading all of those things today made me appreciate Brandon more and heighten my puppy love that I have for him already.  Goodness.  I recommend journaling to every one of you.  Please.  You will love it.  Here is just a tiiiiny sample of some of the goofy things we drew in our couples journal (and yes, I am aware that you probably can't read the entries.... I just want to show you how cheesy and awesome our drawings were):

 I drew stars exploding everywhere to represent how I felt every time I saw Brandon.  (Warning: It only gets worse from here...)

 Brandon drew a picture of a panda loving a lion.... yep even back then we were "My Panda" and "Baby Lion" to each other.

 Even using hi-lighters to write loving phrases... ha ha! <3

 This was a picture I drew of me being sad every time Brandon had to leave back to Washington and I was stuck without him all alone in Utah... OH THE EMOTIONS!

 A funny comic of a worst case scenario I imagined would happen...

 Trust me.... similar pictures were sprinkled here and there all throughout our journals.

 Comics about funny things that happened on our dates.

 We used to play "rock, paper, scissors" to determine who was the best.  I always said Brandon was the best, and he always said I was the best... lol, so I drew a picture about these things.

Well, this has been sufficiently cheesy.  I hope I inspired at least SOMEONE out there to start keeping better record of their life.  These moments will never come back. *sad face* But new exciting ones will always happen.  Now we just hope to remember all of it somehow. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son


  1. I used to journal allll the time. Like every single day of highschool but then I just stopped. Someday I need to start again....

    1. Yes, you must! I think it is really therapeutic to journal. Even if you are venting anger, or madly in love, or some passive emotion you WILL look back on it later grateful that you recorded it. :-)