Thursday, November 15, 2012

Quick Marriage Tip (for Women)

Hi ladies.  I just wanted to share with you something that I find to be some good advice.  That is.... after you are married, still wear makeup.  Still try to dress cute.  Don't let yourself go.  Granted, there will be times where scrubbiness is unavoidable.  Yes, he is going to see you in your ragged sweatpants and a greasy ponytail in your hair more than you want him to.  But make an effort.  It's kinda sad how we get so comfortable with each other, that we forget to try to impress our spouse (the one person we SHOULD be trying to impress as much as possible).  I think this is a common problem that married girls have, myself included.  I just sometimes figure "why bother if he see's me all the time anyway?"  But this is bad!  This person has to be around you all the time.  Why not make the extra effort to look as pretty as you can for them?  Even if you are a feminist, take pride in how you present yourself.  The past couple days I have taken the extra few minutes to dress up when I hang out with Brandon, including a tasteful amount of eye makeup (he is a sucker for eye makeup).  Each time, he has commented on how cute I look.  I believe it makes a difference.  Make it a challenge to find out what kind of look he likes, and then go for it at least once a week.  Try to bring out your best features.  Wear a spritz of (not too strong) perfume.  Brandon does not like intense smells, but he loves the smell of my O Hui face lotions, so I try to apply that when I know I will be in close proximity to him.  If you don't wash your hair everyday, invest in a nice-smelling dry shampoo.  I guarantee it makes a difference.  Bottom line... be the kind of girl you intended to be from the beginning of your dating days.  <3  I guess if there are any guys reading this.... I would say on your side, try not to dress like too much of a scrub all the time.  Dress to impress!  Make sure you shave and are well-groomed with good hygiene.  That is it.... hehe.  Does anyone else have anything to add about this? xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son


  1. Great tip!
    I have avoided letting myself go at all costs. I just can't understand the thought of not trying anymore. Of course there are grubby days, but you want to be attractive to your spouse. I try to always be nice and presentable. It's not just for Dave, but I hate the idea of not being ready to go at a moments notice. Like if I have to run a quick errand I don't want to be caught in pajamas with no makeup. Also as a friend once told me, when you dress cute, you feel cute, you act cute, and you are more yourself.
    That being said I am a firm feminist, but you can be a feminist and still believe in being attractive... maybe just not for the reason of pleasing someone else? haha
    Love ya ash

    1. Lara, I couldn't have said it better: You look cute, you feel cute, you act cute. Others will notice this about you as well. It does wonders for your own confidence. I hate going out and looking icky as well. And like I said, even if you shoot for a at least once a week, that will be better than having ALL grubby days. Blegh....