Friday, November 23, 2012

Our Long Holiday Weekend

Is everyone having a great holiday weekend?  I know I am.  Brandon and I can hardly believe how much time we have to relax, since we did not have work on Thanksgiving, today, or for the rest of the weekend.  It has been AWESOME.  We ran all of our errands today so that we do not have any obligations tomorrow.  We also took a couple of our favorite Korean missionaries out to an Indian buffet that we love.  It was really fun to hang out with them.  One of them is going home on Tuesday, so we just wanted to spend some time with him while he is still here.  While we were at it, we stuffed our bellies to the brim with fatty and delicious Indian food.  We were both so full the whole day.  Afterwards we went to the doctor for a general checkup.  They had to draw our blood.  It was sickening to look at.  I don't do so well with needles generally but I just sucked it up and tried not to freak out as the needle slid beneath my tender skin on the underside of my arm/ bend of the elbow....and my dark blood bubbled into a translucent tube.  Ugh, sick.  I feel a bit queasy just thinking about it.  But anyway, it ended up being fine.  I am just a baby like that.  We also just sat around aimlessly at our house.  Brandon played his current favorite NBA video game and I started watching "Beauty and the Beast."  The version on CW.  Oh my goodness!  I love that show!  My mom is the one who got me hooked on it.  She said the main girl reminds her of me.  So of course I had to see what she meant... and now... here I am.  With another show to occupy my thoughts.

I liked how my mom described the show.  She said it is like a mixture of Smallville, Twilight, and Bourne Identity.  I would have to add CSI, since the main girl always figures out mysteries.  LOL.  But anyway, it is pretty gripping.  I am always such a sucker for shows like that, though.  Plus, Kristen Kreuk is by far one of my favorite television actresses.

After I watched Beauty and the Beast, Brandon and I watched a couple episodes of "King of Queens."  I must say, that is one of the shows that we are both truly entertained by.  I think we need to own it on DVD one of these days.  As we were watching it, we were snacking on all kinds of things.  Then Brandon took out some of these Trader Joe's Halloween O's.  They are kinda like Oreos.  But anyway, they were too old.  We both took a bite of the cookies at the same time, and spit them out at the same time because they were awful and had a soggy pantry texture... UGH.  Haha, I guess you had to be there, but it was pretty hilarious.

Randomly, I need to share with you our latest go-to snack.  We take low-carb tortillas and put almond butter and jelly on them, fold it in half, and VIOLA!  It is the perfect snack if you want something sweet but not too unhealthy.

Goodness I think this post was the most random one yet.  I am sure everyone wanted to know how we lazed around all day and ate like true gluttons... ha ha.  Yes I am being sarcastic.  I will tell you that I have been messing around with designing our Christmas cards.  It has been fun.  I feel my artistic side coming out.  I am really enjoying this website since they have some awesome holiday templates.  Go ahead and upload your own photos!  It is surprisingly addictive.  Even if you don't buy their products, you may just find some inspiration you were looking for when it comes to designing your own Christmas cards.  Maybe when December comes, I will show you my favorite cards I designed.

Welllll.... until next time, I hope you guys watch Beauty and the Beast! xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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