Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Half White Half Asian Beauty

For my Facebook friends who use Pinterest, you might have already seen this picture on my board.  But a while back, I was curious as to what my future children will look like.  So I uploaded a picture of both Brandon and me onto this website, and these two pictures were the turnout.  (Girl on the left, boy on the right) I personally think these digital predictions are ADORABLE!  And maybe even realistic.  Have you ever noticed how white + asian = usually some pretty GORGEOUS babies.  Goodness.  Take my friend Mary for instance.  (oh... be prepared to HATE HER GUTS for being so pretty) She is freakishly beautiful.  Half Asian. Half White. <3 <3 <3  And for the record, I was kidding about suggesting anyone would hate her guts.  She is 100% one of the most awesome people I know. ^____^

Sorry for stealing this pic off your Facebook Mary.  I just had to demonstrate.
Also, take for example this cute young half White half Korean child actor, Mason Moon Moorehouse (Sorry, I do not remember the website I got this from.  Some random google image maybe?)
Awww! Is this not the cutest little thing??
I will keep my little swooning rant short today, but I just wanted to point out how adorable and gorgeous half Asian and half White people happen to be.  And me and Brandon will have our own beautiful kids someday... so I am pretty excited and psyched about that.  No, this post is not an announcement or anything, haha.  But yeah.  That is all the interesting stuff I was thinking about at the moment.  LOVE YOU ALL!  Oh, and a big WELCOME to my blog to my new Hong Kong readers.  It is so nice to have you here with me.... reading about all my crazy little thoughts here and there. xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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