Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Feeling a Festive Wintry Vibe

As you could tell from the title of this post, today I felt a bit festive.  Not exactly for Christmas, but for a "Winter Sort Of Movie."  Do you know what I mean?  So I watched Little Women.  The one with Winona Rider, Claire Danes, Kirsten Dunst, Susan Sarandon, and Christian Bale.  BEST ACTORS all in one classic wintry movie.  I swear, there are certain films I can't help but watch in the winter because they just have a vibe that makes me want to cozy up in front of a fire with some hot tea and my love in my arms.  I seriously forgot how good this movie is!  I mean, it was made in the 1990's, but it has the BEST soundtrack ever.  Christian Bale is soooo young!  And so is Kirsten Dunst, for that matter.  I even teared up a little bit on certain scenes in the movie.  So that just goes to show you how awesome it is.  Here are a couple other suggestions for some perfect winter movies.  By the way, this might not apply to guys, but I SWEAR if you are a girl you will love these!

1) The Anne of Green Gables entire movie series.  So romantic.  Also, I always had a secret wish to be best friends with Megan Follows (the main actress).  Yes, I know I am totally weird.
2) Pride and Prejudice (the British 6 hour long version... but the Kiera Knightly one is awesome too)
3) A Little Princess (starring Liesel Matthews) <---- ummm I cry on this movie every time too. ha ha.  It is a children's film!

Ok... so that is 3 more classic movies to add to your winter watch-list.  I don't know why, but usually I am not much of a movie person, unless it is wintertime.  Then I just feel inclined to sit back and watch something kind of slow-paced with some quality romance... or with a heartwarming theme.  Same goes for reading too.  I feel like sitting back and reading a REALLY GOOD book.  I really enjoy "The Work and the Glory" series.  And Twilight (don't hate me ok!! It is actually quite gripping.) Any other good movie or book recommendations? xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son


  1. I love it, Ash! Now I want to watch Little Women. Ashley refuses to watch those kinds of movies with me most of the time. But maybe I can convince him... :) Some hot chocolate, popcorn, caramel... Yes. Lots of snacks should do the trick!

    1. Ahhh... the ole "snack technique." Brilliant! I am pretty sure Brandon is not too into these movies as well, but actually if I ask him nicely I am sure he would watch one with me. Ha ha. Actually yesterday I just watched it while Brandon was at some Elder's quorum meeting.