Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Back From Vegas Today!

What a weekend!  Brandon and I went to Vegas for 3 nights and now we are back.  Just wanted to share tons of pictures!  Beware of the fact that there are probably too many. ;-)

Day 1:

Arrived at Tropicana hotel.

 View of our hotel bathroom... it was clean and cheerful inside.

 Entrance View.... just ignore the random junk I accidentally left around before I took the picture.

 The bed.... we slept very well since they had comfortable mattresses.

 Mirrors in the room made the space look even bigger.  Ignore the scrubby airport outfit.

 Oh, and they had a couple's photo ready for us.  Just kidding.  That was a gift for Brandon's grandma.

 I brought some Korean face masks for Brandon and me to use to spoil our skin.  However, we forgot to use them, LOL.
I thought the "Do Not Disturb" door hanger was funny...mostly because it says "hot" all over it.

What I liked about Tropicana hotel/casino: It was fairly clean.... at least when we first arrived.  The room was spacious and I liked the color scheme.  It was a very simple feel and looked sleek enough for my taste.  The air in the casino was well-ventilated so we did not have to deal with cigarette smoke swirling up my nostrils.  The room service girl was also very cheerful and sweet when she delivered more towels when I did not think we had enough.  However.... I would not recommend this hotel to anyone (See below).

What I disliked about Tropicana: Oh man.... you guys.  When we arrived at the hotel, it was not THAT busy, but Brandon and I had to wait around for 15-20 minutes waiting for our hotel host (that we had been in contact with for days) to help us.  We were very unimpressed.  Thinking we could make our stay more pleasant with a huge (HUGE) tip, we gave an extremely generous tip to our host when he did finally arrive.  I understand people get busy, but he TOTALLY forgot about us and did not take care of us in the way he said he would.  I was extremely disappointed.  Also, the staff was mostly unfriendly and half-hearted.  Most of them had a real attitude if we needed their assistance or just brushed us off to another department if it was anything beyond their job description.  We bought some gelato, and their large scoop broke, so they used a scoop that could be compared to a cantaloupe scoop, maybe a tiny bit bigger.  They gave us a total of 3.5 ounces of gelato.... and that was a two scoop order.  I just think that was stingy and pathetic.  Also, the room pricing was not the best either. The casino itself did not have that good of selection of games (for whoever cares about that) Seriously, also when we went upstairs to our floor, the carpet in the hallway smelled like raw sewage had leaked onto it.  I thought that was disgusting.  It was not like that the first day, but it was like that for the remainder of the trip.  Maybe that was not their fault... but ugh....Anyway, you might be wondering why I am telling you all this.  I just would NEVER EVER want ANYONE to receive the kind of service we did.  And I am telling you, I am very low maintenance and would never write a bad review for anyone unless they deserved it.  I mean, you can go there if you want, but let's just say Brandon and I have vowed to stay away from there at all costs from now on. 

Anyway, we also hung out with Brandon's brother, Brian, and his fiance, Fiona.  I also got to meet his cousin Benjamin.  I ADORE ALL OF THEM!  I love them so much.

Day 2:

We went to church with Brian, Fiona, and Brian's grandparents.  The ward was so nice, and Brandon even made some new friends.  *Sigh* He is just so popular.  ;-)

 Brandon and I visited his grandmother, who lives in Vegas, and also I got to meet his dad for the first time.  I wish we took more pictures of the visit.  It was so heartwarming.  We went to a Korean restaurant and I tried my best to speak Korean.  Oh man, it was intimidating, but I was really happy to be able to have that experience.

Day 3:

 We went to Brandon's favorite casino, Silverton, and played a few random slots games and then ate the yummiest sourdough patty melt I have ever had....oh man the food was DELICIOUS.  Next time we will definitely stay at Silverton.

 Brandon always puts his feet up while playing games, and I find it very cute haha.

 PANDAS!?!?!?! yesssss....

 LIONS?!?!?!? wow, they are everywhere.

 Silverton has this awesome aquarium inside it.  I wish we got better pictures, but this will have to do. They even had pumpkins decorated inside the fish tank for the autumn holidays. :-)

Another aquarium pic.  I swear, it is more awesome in real life.

 We drove past Brandon's childhood home.  Apparently it looks exactly the same.

 Brandon also showed me around his favorite park.  This place is the biggest park I have ever seen.

 Just a tiny snippet of the park.  There were also rows and rows of basketball courts, tennis courts, swings, a playground, volleyball nets, and anything else you could possibly want in a park.

 By the way, the weather was perfect at the park as we walked around.  I even got some snaps of some pretty flowers IN NOVEMBER.  Wow, Nevada does have a beauty of its own.

 Here is one of the playgrounds Brandon used to play on.  I loved taking a trip down memory lane with him.

 Just another view of the vastness of this park.  It is called Sunset Park if anyone wants to visit it.  It is semi-close to all the main hotels and casinos in Vegas and next to an airport.

 As soon as it got dark, we started walking down the strip.  We went inside New York New York hotel and saw this statue of liberty made entirely of jelly bellies.  WOW!

 Brandon's dad recommended this Korean restaurant, but we didn't end up being able to go in the short time we were in Vegas.  We did, however, go to 2 Hawaiian restaurants and 2 other Korean restaurants.  So we will for sure do this one next time.

 We didn't take too many pictures on the street, but I did think the architecture of some of the buildings was pretty stunning.  I somehow regret not taking the stereotypical pictures next to the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty, etc.  

We went inside a random casino and played this game.  It was so cute! You can design your own superhero and it has mini-games to play for the bonuses. 

Day 4:

No pictures today!  This was the day we traveled back.  In the morning, we did stop at Silverton again and this time I had a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich, and that was delightful.  We also scarfed down a whole bunch of berries and 3 GENEROUS scoops of vanilla bean gelato.  We were so full!  I had such a great time with my sweetheart.  Next time, we want to stay at Silverton, explore Chinatown, and try some other food that we did not get a chance to eat since there was so much.  Most of all, though, the best part of any trip is coming home. :-) :-) :-) xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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