Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Super Rambling Sunday

*Sigh* Goodness!  I am very upset that I have to go to work tomorrow.   This weekend has been HEAVEN.  Yesterday Brandon and I spent some quality time together, finishing up our Christmas shopping.  We first printed off our Christmas cards.  Then we went to the mall and picked up a few things, and ate some pomegranate frozen yogurt with no toppings from Red Mango.  Man, I highly recommend that place if you have not had it.  I mean, it is one of the few frozen yogurts I can eat without feeling like crap afterwards.  Their plain frozen yogurt with raspberries and mangoes on top is usually my favorite, but their fruit looked terrible that day, so we decided to try something new.  GOODNESS!  It was delicious.  I also like their parfaits.  But anyway, enough about Red Mango.  Brandon bought me this LOVELY coat from H&M for one of my Christmas presents.  I am so excited about that.  Normally, I only buy clothes if they blow me away, otherwise I just don't bother with them.  But we both saw this particular coat as if it were shimmering in ideal light on the rack and walked towards it at the same time.  Brandon and I started laughing when we realized the same coat caught our eye.  I tried it on and knew it was love at first sight.  So he just HAD to get it for me.  I must say, it is very fun to be married to Brandon.  He has a great sense of style.  Also, he has a very model-like body (he is 6'1") and everything looks good on him.  And he does not mind wearing things that are a step above average-guy-fashion.  So I really love that.  Half the time when I go to the store, I see stuff all over the place that I am just DYING to buy for him because I think it would look so cute on him.  Oh my.  You would think I am dressing an adorable little kid or something.  When we got home we played some board games...Phase 10 and Monopoly.  I am afraid we are semi-addicted to Monopoly, regardless of the fact that it is kind of an old-fashioned game.  Needless to say, last night ended up being one of those nights where we stayed up WAY too late because we were just in the mood to hang out for as long as humanly possible without passing out.  We ended our night by starting to watch a KDrama called "Protect the Boss."  I was laughing SO hard about 1 minute into the drama.  It is very amusing.  But then I passed out in the middle of episode 1.  Come to find out, it was 4 in the morning.  So we finally went to bed.  This morning I was dead tired.  Thanks to my bad habit of staying up too late....grrr.  But we went to church (I was actually on time!) and then went to the Korean ward because we wanted to hear our missionary friend speak in church for the last time before he leaves Washington.  We are really going to miss Elder Bartlett!  He has been just wonderful.  And I hope he goes out with one of my sisters when he gets home.  Just saying.  Me and Brandon's mom have been very conniving when it comes to playing matchmaker with Elder Bartlett.  Haha...

Brandon's mom:  You know, Elder Bartlett, Ashleigh has some REALLY PRETTY younger sisters.
Elder Bartlett: Oh, wow. haha.
Me: Yes, you are really their type.  When you get to Utah you should go on a date with them.
Elder Bartlett: ..... okay... heh heh. *awkward silence*
Me and Brandon's mom: *laughing evilly*

For those of you who do not know, missionaries DO NOT DATE.  But we were just trying to be funny since he is going home on Tuesday this week.  It is pretty amusing how some missionaries act really weird when they get home because they are not used to dating or being around girls.  I hope Elder Bartlett has a nice smooth transition back to real life.  LOL.

Anyway, after church I just HAD to have a nap since  I hardly slept at all.  Brandon made another pumpkin pie while I slept.  Gosh, I am so freakin' spoiled.  But I have not eaten any yet because I only felt like eating really healthy food for some reason.  So all I have had was "Cuties" aka California clementines (my favorite fruit in the winter) and coconut water.  I won't mention the fact that I also tried these nacho snack chips from the Korean store.  Don't worry, I will have room for pie an about half an hour.

After snacking a bit, Brandon and I just talked with each other, about how we can make life better, etc.  We try to make a habit of checking in with each other every Sunday, reading some church articles, and just seeing what we can do for the well-being of each other.  I think it is wonderful how we are able to talk to each other like that.  It makes for some very good conversations and growing closer to each other.  I feel honored to be married to him, and am very happy with our marriage and the way we are growing together.  Even on weeks when we feel a little bit "off," we are able to come right back and get focused on what we are supposed to be doing to improve the dynamics of our lives. On that same note, we could not do all that without the occasional help of friends who really care about us.  Today I was especially grateful to a dear church friend of ours (you know who you are) who was observant enough to pull Brandon aside and see how he was doing today.  It meant a lot to both Brandon and me.  It is just so good to have wonderful friends in this life who care about our physical as well as spiritual/emotional well-being. 

Anyway, wow, this post ended up being a lot longer than I expected it to be.  Right now we are just taking some time to wind down and relax and enjoy our last *wonderful* day before work starts again.  I hope all of you have a good rest of your Sunday.  xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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