Sunday, October 21, 2012

The HOLY GRAIL of hair products

Happy Sunday to all my lovely readers.  Just wanted to say hello to various people in the USA, Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Belgium, Brazil, Japan, Canada, and South Korea.  After checking my stats, I found out I have readers from all of these places.  Welcome welcome welcome!! I am so grateful for all those that have stopped by to hear me ramble.  :-) Please do not be shy, and comment if you want.
Today I wanted to share a little hair secret.  I have not had to wash my hair more often than 3 days a week.  How do I do it?  DRY SHAMPOO is my secret.  I have tested out a few brands, and in order not to taint the names of products I did not like, I will not review the ones that did not work for me.  But out of the dry shampoos I have tried, I have 3 favorites, and 1 honorable mention.

1) KMS Hair Play Dry Shampoo (Picture not taken by me! And I do not remember the source):
I discovered this while doing a hairdressing apprenticeship.  The girl that was teaching me gave it to me as a gift.  It was so nice!  It is definitely higher-end than drugstore products, hence the higher price.  I believe it was worth it, but can not bring myself to buy it too often.
 Cost: About $15.  Maybe you can find it for a better deal online.

Pros: A little bit goes a long way (2 applications a day at the most should get the job done), and it smells citrus and lemongrass.  My husband used it a lot.  He only uses top brands on his hair, so this is on his approved list.

Cons: This is a bit expensive to use it habitually seeing as there is no way a bottle of this can last more than 1.5 months.
2) Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo (This photo is also not taken by me, unknown source):
 I was testing out some drugstore dry shampoos, and this one stood out as the best smell and best performance.  This could change in the future, and if it does I will let you know.  Also, apparently there is a keratin-infused version that I have not tried out yet, but I have heard rave reviews about that one.  Anyway, this one was a total winner for me.

Cost: About $2.50 a bottle!  What a bargain!
Pros: This is an incredible deal, especially for how well it works. It smells really nice, like a mixture of citrus and smarties candy... hehe couldn't think of a better description.  My husband told me one day out of the blue, "Your dry shampoo smells pretty good." I might like the smell even better than KMS.
Cons: This does not last as long as KMS, maybe a bottle will last almost a month. Also, I found I had to reapply the dry shampoo up to three times a day (morning, afternoon, evening) to keep my hair totally satisfactory.

3) Oatmeal:
I discovered this back in my lazy college days, when I REALLY had no time or money for proper hair care.  This is something that ANYONE could afford, no matter your paycheck.  Buy it in the bulk section of the health food store if you can only pay 30 cents.  hehe.  Just dump a spoonful of oatmeal into your hair and massage it into your scalp, then comb the pieces out of your hair.  This will soak up oils and leave your hair looking and smelling great initially.

Cost:  Depends where you buy it, but a canister of oatmeal typically is not more than $2-$3 in any given store.

Pros: This is very cost efficient.  I am drop dead in love with the oatmeal smell.  It is perfect for the day after you washed your hair. 

Cons: This is likely not going to last all day.  Also, it is quite bothersome to clean up all the oatmeal that has fallen to the floor from applying this type of "dry shampoo."  This makes it annoying to try to apply it more than once a day.  I try to stick with this option if I have to go to a couple classes, but then I get to go home in a couple hours.  Also, PLEASE do not attempt to use this technique a third day of not washing your hair.  It will not work, and oatmeal can only mask so much greasy smells.

4) Honorable Mention...Baby Powder:

Another solution I discovered in my broke college days, this technique is best reserved for night time use so when you wake up the powder will be absorbed into your scalp. 

Cost: I bought this one for $1.77 at Walmart.  However, you can find baby powder in various sizes and stores for $1-$5 depending on which bottle shaker you choose.

Pros: Very cheap! Holy cow.  And it is so easy to use, too.  Just sprinkle some onto all the oily spots of your hair, massage it into your scalp, then go to sleep.  If you need to add a touch more in the morning, feel free to sprinkle some onto your hairbrush and run it through your hair.

Cons: I am not exactly crazy about the baby powder smell.  It is a bit too ... erm.... I dunno.  I just don't like it too much.  But it beats having an oily hair smell! Also, if your hair is dark, it may not be the best option since it is stark white powder that takes a while to absorb.  I have had days when my sister laughed at me since I didn't massage it in good enough and I looked like I was wearing a powdered wig.

Well, everyone, I hope this was enlightening to at least SOMEONE.  Or maybe everyone in the world knows about all these secrets already.  hehe.  Either way, I had a lot of fun testing out these dry shampoos to find the best solutions for people in different economic circumstances.  If you have any questions, just comment below and I would be glad to help.  I want to hang out with my husband now, so talk to you later! xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son


  1. I LOVEE dry shampoo but it's true they are NOT all created equal! When I discovered it I had blonde hair at the time and I really loved the Psssst brand, but now that my hair is brown again, that one leaves too much of a... like white residue in it. I've tried other brands like tresemme and those ones are... alright I guess, but now I really wanna try one of these! And I never would have thought of oatmeal.... haha. I used to use cornstarch in my high school days and it worked ok but a little bit really goes a looonnng way. Love your blog ash <3

    1. I never heard of the "Psssst" brand... I agree that it is a lot easier for blondes to use the very pale white powdery ones. Trust me when I say the Suave one outshines Tresemme by a million points. The smell alone! And it costs less too. Like, this is coming from a girl who does not usually use Suave products, but their dry shampoo is to die for. Awwww... I did not know about your blog Lara. I want to read about your life every day now! <3 xoxox

  2. I really like the suave stuff. I don't have to use it very often, because...quite frankly I can go for five days without washing my hair and no one can's one of the great things about having really thick curly hair...

    1. You are just too lucky. CURLY HAIR IS GORGEOUS! In my case, I used to wash my hair every day or else I just looked and felt like an unfortunate stringy greaseball hehehe. Thank heavens for that Suave stuff. Haha I could make a commercial for them. XD

  3. One of my favorites is the Big Sexy Hair products line. Its a little more pricy, but TOTALLY worth it!
    P.S. Love your blog! I don't know if you remember me or not, but I went to school with your little sister, Sarah. We used to hang out all the time when we were in 6th grade. Mackenzie Smith?

    1. Of COURSE I remember you. How could I forget Mickey... taller/younger than me, cute, and awesome! haha. I am starting to read your blog too. You have grown up so much! Seriously. You are just GORGEOUS. Really enjoying your posts as well. :-)